Galina Yudashkin complained about the difficulties of her second pregnancy

Галина Юдашкина пожаловалась на трудности второй беременности The daughter of a famous couturier spoke about the expectation of the child. Galina Yudashkin spring will become a mother for the second time. She and her husband always dreamed of, that between the children was a small difference in age.
Галина Юдашкина пожаловалась на трудности второй беременности

In mid-October “StarHit” first reported that the daughter of the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin Galina is expecting her second child. At the time she was four months pregnant. Most likely, the child will be born this spring.

Now Galina continues to work as the art Director for the fashion house of the father. She admitted that the expectation of the second child is a little harder. Yudashkin has shared his feelings with the followers on the microblog.

“This pregnancy started out heavier than the first, three months of morning sickness on the classics, but then the second trimester is a great boost of energy for work and new projects, there are very few, and welcome a new member to our family!”- said the daughter of the designer.

And while waiting for the firstborn Anatolia, Galina leads an active lifestyle. It is likely that after the birth she will not linger in the decree. Now Yudashkin perfectly combines work and care about his son, who in April will be two years. She told me that she always wanted a big family. She and her husband Peter Maklakovym want to make a difference in the age of the children was small. The pair hopes that the kids will not be bored in the company of each other.

Galina admitted that from a very early age to care about the education of his son. She wants the child to feel comfortable and confident in many countries of the world. That’s why she pays special attention to the study of a second foreign language.Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov: “really bring up my son earlier»

“My husband and I decided when he was born Anatoli that will be taught to two languages from birth. Now we live in this modern world that want to see it anywhere in the world could be explained and to find a common language with any people. Kids at that age absorb everything like a sponge, learns on the go, so it is not difficult,” – said Yudashkin.

The couple try their best to surround the son with love and care. They are of the opinion that at such an early age shouldn’t really educate kids. Galina and Peter are waiting for when the boy turns two-and-a-half years – from this age they will allow themselves to scold him for his faults.

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