Dobrovolskaya and wernick were awarded jewels

Добровольская и Верник получили в награду драгоценности
The actors were awarded gold and silver.

The owners of the “Seagull” Igor Vernik and Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya with Oleg Tabakov and Igor Zolotovitsky

Photo: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Actors Eugene Dobrovolsky and Igor wernick received a precious reward for faithful service to the native theatre — the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. Jack, gave his famous stage 25 years, received a silver commemorative sign “Seagull”. And Igor, “Mat” experience of which 30 years — gold.

Honoring the artists and staff of the theatre, the School of the Moscow art theatre and the Moscow art theater Museum dedicated to the Art theatre for more than a decade of his life, happens every year in Portrait lobby of the theater. Bronze “Seagull” is awarded to people,
worked in theatre for 15 years, silver 25 years, gold for 30 years. And those who have served in the theater even longer to get jewelry with symbols
Mat. This year those prizes were awarded Kira Golovko (70 years in
theatre), Raisa Maximova (60 years), Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko (50 years) and others. And among the silver winners were the successor dynasty of actor Vyacheslav Innocent Jr.

By tradition, the ceremony took place on the day of birth Mat and held her artistic Director Oleg Tabakov. It was he who in 2001 resumed the presentation of this award, established by Chekhov. In 1901, the first tokens of “the Seagull” was
donated by Anton Pavlovich the actors who played in his plays “the Seagull” and “Uncle Vanya”. Then, on the tenth anniversary of theatre was released
icon “Seagull” (this bird from the plays of Chekhov was by that time a symbol of the troupe) with portraits of Stanislavsky, Nemirovich-Danchenko
and patron of arts Savva Morozov. Sign “Chaika” was also presented to the 25 th anniversary of the theater. But only since 2001, Oleg Tabakov made this celebration of staff Mat annual.