Russian men entered into a three of the most ugly

Русские мужчины вошли в тройку самых некрасивых

What a surprise gave the Russians American Dating site, turns out they are one of the most unsympathetic.

Every Dating website trying to stand out by using some raisins, but the platform BeautifulPeople went ahead and threw it into the audience a real giant prunes. The website name, which is translated as “club of the beautiful people” will not let me on your page the ones the users of the project are not very attractive.

Wanted to try to find happiness on this Internet site? Be prepared for the fact that you have to go through strict face control. And if current users of the club considers beautiful, you are so good as you think, then, alas, not destiny to you to look for love among them. By the way, your personal qualities, skills and breadth of mind here are not evaluated, the entrance ticket is given solely at the photo.

And it just so happened that Russian men, and with them the poles and the British denied most often! Representatives from the Troika on the website only 9%.

The leading attraction kept the Swedes, the Brazilians and the Danes, their numbers are on the resource of 40 to 60 % of the total audience.

And in the women’s ranking of the most handsome leading representatives of the same Sweden, Norway and Iceland, the proportion is about 70%.

Apparently in order to completely humiliate the audience, the creators project BeautifulPeople has opened the eponymous restaurant in Los Angeles, where as you may have guessed, can be reached only beauty people.

Hurt in all this is not so much the fact that the Russian, British and poles unjustly wronged and grabbed one size fits all ugly, and the promise.

America is a country which for years has positioned itself as the main fighter against discrimination on any grounds, and here on you: only cute!

Something ugly is all, gentlemen.