Юлия Савичева впервые показала своё лицо после истории с исчезновением
The singer showed fans an “honest” selfie.

Julia Savicheva

Photo: @yuliasavicheva Instagram Yulia Savicheva

Yulia Savicheva definitely managed to attract to himself the attention of his fans and the press. The fact that the singer some time ago, has completely disappeared from the sight of their fans. Savicheva has ceased to be on stage, not attending social events and put his page in social networks. Moreover, in early autumn, she suddenly and without explanation cancelled his appearance at the “New Wave” than the already seriously alarmed fans.

Not long ago, Julia showed up and admitted that he had been all this time not in Russia and worked on a new album. However, his message about the return of the 29-year-old Savicheva supplied the video, which for some reason was sitting back. Because of this in the press sparked the rumor that Yulia what happened and why she “ran away”.

And here Savicheva has finally published selfie to stop spreading with incredible speed rumors. With a face like that you can see on the published photos, Yulia, everything is in order. Actress who appeared in public without makeup, has demonstrated its natural beauty. She also said that is still not in Russia. “They say in Moscow for the snow. You know, it’s weird to think when behind a window +30. It’s usually exactly the opposite. If I could, would send all the warmth of home!” signed photograph of Julia.