Дмитрий Тарасов показал новое фото маленькой дочки
Footballer misses his family in Austria.

Photo: Instagram

The daughter of Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko just two weeks, and she’s been left without a dad. However, this is a temporary phenomenon. It became known yesterday that the “locomotive” has signed a contract with the player, so for the next year the athlete will not remain without work. “Very happy to stay in the “Locomotive”. This is my home, my family and the best fans! We have made great strides, but there is no less difficult tests, the new season, the Champions League. Very soon you will join the team in training camp, missed the guys!” — Dmitry told.

Last weekend, Tarasov flew on a private jet to Austria, where he will undergo training of the football team. All the days before departure, Dmitry literally would not let her daughter hand, wanted to enjoy it before a long parting. In the first month of their life babies are very much changing, so as it is now, Tarasov daughter won’t see.

Dmitry has published in a personal blog a very touching photo, which holds the baby on his hands and looks at her. It is seen that the player is not afraid — and no wonder, because Tarasova is the second child. The eldest daughter of stars Aline from first marriage was 9 years.

As a player, named his second daughter, is still unknown. The couple kept secret this information, although the name invented for a long time — when I learned that they have to be born a girl.

Tarasov, by the way, was personally present at birth Kostenko. Anastasia said that her husband was with her throughout the whole process, from contractions, ending with the birth of a girl. The name of the baby has not yet advertised. “Beloved, thank you for that one of the most beautiful days you bravely stood next to me, thanked beloved Anastasia was forced to walk the corridors of the hospital, trying to hurry this is a wonderful and unforgettable event — the birth of our daughter, a shoulder to cry on when it was barely tolerable and unpleasant. To me the joy, you are the best friend, husband and father!”