«Он американец»: Саша Зверева рассказала о знакомстве с избранником Artist for a long time was alone with three children. However Sasha Zvereva waited for in her life has appeared the man of her dreams. She told me about how he met the chosen one and fell in love.
«Он американец»: Саша Зверева рассказала о знакомстве с избранником

The former soloist of group “Demo” Sasha Zvereva finally found happiness, which tried to look after difficult relationships and painful breakups. She recently flew to Kaliningrad, where he organized a master class for young mothers. But there her waited a surprise – girlfriends have asked her lover to come after her.

Sasha, which for so long dreamed of falling in love, introduced his chosen one. After a flurry of happy responses and inquiries about how the man was able to win her heart, Zverev decided to have a Frank conversation.

“You need to imagine: Dan. He’s an American. Lives in Los Angeles. We met this spring. From the second date I knew that it was he,” admitted Sasha.

Now a mother of three children constantly scrolls in my head the surprise that men gave her in front of a dozen girls during the master class. “Do not forget. We are confused as children. Both his hands were shaking. He felt that he left with a bouquet, and not handing. Worried that it is too heavy for me. I was constantly looking for a chair because my knees buckled,” – shared the singer.

Zverev is trying to be as open as possible for the fans: she shared details of their previous relationship. Now, however, when she met the man of her dreams, the actress wants to leave the development of their romance away from prying eyes. Sasha is afraid to rush things and attract unwanted attention to Dan.

“I’ve got no plans, no trying on rings. Live here and now. Let me as before yesterday, not really to demonstrate my personal life. So, occasionally flickering, to rejoice and to share with others how wonderful spoiling me,” he asked the artist to fans.

After the divorce with her second husband, musician Dmitry Almazov, Sasha Zvereva plunged into the work by organizing seminars on issues of family and children in different countries of the world. A mother succeeded in business by yourself “standing on legs”, while not stopping the search for his one true. The former singer admitted that places high demands on men, stressing the importance of financial independence of the partner.