Dmitry Tarasov has paid for the treatment of a sick daughter Danko

Дмитрий Тарасов оплатил лечение больной дочери Данко Midfielder “Locomotive” helps children in need. Dmitry Tarasov and his fiancee Anastasia Kostenko visited family Danko to support the heiress of the singer Agatha. The girl needs expensive treatments.
Дмитрий Тарасов оплатил лечение больной дочери Данко

Footballer Dmitry Tarasov took part in a charity event to aid charity Fund “Gift angel”. The athlete chose ten children who need help. Among them was the daughter of the singer Danko agate. From birth, girls artist and his wife Natalia are doing everything possible to alleviate her condition. Agate, which was diagnosed with multicasts of the brain and cerebral palsy, requires expensive treatment.

Danko and Natalia does not hide the fact that they do not always have enough funds for necessary medical procedures. So the couple were very happy with the help of midfielder “Locomotive”. Football player came to Agatha with the girl Anastasia Kostenko. As it turned out, the child was supported and blogger Amiran Sardarov.

“Dmitry came to our home with Nastya, asked about our lives, treatment, rehabilitation and paid us January rehabilitation! Part of the money handed Amiran Sardarov, for which many thanks to him! Guys! Dima, Amiran Fund “Gift angel”, your help is invaluable. When it comes to the moment when you have not had time to ask – it’s called a miracle! Thank you,” wrote the wife of Danko visit daughter on Instagram.

Users of social networks supported little Agatha in the comments. “Hurrah! Huge health to you”, “Let every minute, every day she is getting better”, “Happy for you”, “Successful rehabilitation”, “may God Give you immense health”, “Great news”, “Thank God that there are people who have the ability to help others,” wrote members of the daughter of Danko.

In turn, footballer Dmitry Tarasov thanked the family of the singer for the warm welcome. “Went with his beloved to visit the family that needs help,” he said on Instagram. The athlete also congratulated happy birthday to the Creator of the portal “Children-Angels” Victoria Korneva. Wife Natalia Danko joined warm wishes Tarasov.

“Rimma, we congratulate you! Wish you all and over the edge! Love you, appreciate and respect! Our you for all kissers and hugs! You’re our world,” she shared on Instagram.

Recall that in August, Danko took part in the program “really”. In the broadcast of the artist questioned the paternity of Agatha. For many fans of the singer, the topic of our show was a real shock. Previously, by repeatedly talked about how much he loves the child, and did everything possible to improve his condition. Later it turned out that Danko has agreed to withdraw only for Agatha. Singer Danko caught Shepeleva in a cruel deception