Valery Afanassiev refuses to marry for the fourth time

Валерий Афанасьев отказывается жениться в четвертый раз People’s artist came to the judge program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Valery Alekseevich told the TV host about the novels, sons and on the death of the last spouse. Today Afanasiev found a new love.
Валерий Афанасьев отказывается жениться в четвертый раз

Valery Afanassiev was loved by the audience, after numerous roles in Russian films and serials: “Shirley myrli”, “the Kremlin cadets”, “Moscow Saga,” “Children of the Arbat”, “Stargazer”, “9 months”, “angel”, “the Saboteur. The end of the war” and many other films. The popular favorite was officially married three times, the actor has three sons. Despite a successful career, in your personal life movie stars had a lot of tragedies and losses. Valery Alekseevich hard to part with their women, a few times he left the family, also star of the movie suffered from alcoholism.

The first time Afanasiev married as a student. With his wife, translator Lily an aspiring actor, lived a little over a year, then decided to get away from the girl. In a second marriage with a colleague, Eugenia the artist was born the son of Vladimir. However, this Union was short-lived, Valery went to another.

The third wife of actor became quiet and unassuming prop in the theatre of Anna. Is it the actor lived for about forty years. In this Union Valery Alekseevich were born two sons Egor and Constantine. Afanasiev admitted that he took hard death of the third wife, despite the fact that repeatedly cheated on her.

“She had heart disease and kidney pressure. She died in the night, I found out the day when were at the cottage. 27 Dec it happened, plans were made for the New year, I talked to her on the eve”, – said the actor about the care of Anna.

Valery Alekseevich has told that the third wife was an invalid after the accident. She fell and injured her neck when they danced, doctors trifled injury. The actor recalled how he helped Anna to cope with the illness.

“I had some x-rays to do, she then gradually hands and fingers began to be taken away. We got counseling, the doctor said that the urgent need to do surgery. Everything went well, but after that, she was acting strange. She had attempted suicide, psychologically she was recovering from surgery, she was not working, was the mistress of the house and engaged the children,” – said Afanasiev.
Валерий Афанасьев отказывается жениться в четвертый раз

Also, the actor confessed to the affair. Afanasyev was having an affair with actress Maria Aronova. Valery even left the family for a few months, however, according to his confession, came back to Anna and the children.

Valery Alexeyevich said that abused alcohol. This addiction almost ruined his career. “The first time I tried vodka in the seventh grade. Then the alcohol came in the theater, but it seemed to me then – this is normal. All my generation drank, did not have such a number of roles and filming,” said Afanasiev.

People’s artist said that the sons from the second and third marriages get along well among themselves and have become each other’s best friends. After the death of the last spouse of Anne Valery Alekseevich long suffered, after a time, he met a young actress Natalia. Lover under Afanasyev almost forty years.

“Everyone says we make a good pair. She works in the theater. It moves well, dancing. Natasha wants to, of course, to marry me, I don’t want to insult her”, – told Valery about the last beloved.

The actor admitted that he could not yet say whether he wants to marry for the fourth time or not, he remembers the third lawful wife Anna.

“I have never received anything without her. On the grave I talk with her. Anna is not passing, Holy”, – said people’s artist.