Дмитрий Шепелев переживает за безопасность сына Popular TV one brings four years of Plato and tries to take a responsible approach to this process. However, he realizes that he will not be able all his life to keep the boy beside him and protect him.
Дмитрий Шепелев переживает за безопасность сына

Despite a busy work schedule and a new program “actually”, Dmitry Shepelev tries as much time to devote to raising a little Plato. He was hired for the boy a tutor in the English language, leads him to gymnastics classes, and most recently, father and son spent together on vacation. Touching footage of guests the host has published in Instagram.

Followers praised the man and said that such caring parents now a little. “Dmitry you are a wonderful father! Your son is very lucky to have you. Take care of each other” “You are Dad!”, “Great! Plato happy, what more do you need?”

Dmitry Shepelev, the son hired a foreign tutor

Now Plato goes to kindergarten and the additional lessons, but soon he had to go to school, where he will face the real world. Dmitry acknowledges that worries about the safety of her son, but it is not going to protect him from the difficulties of life.

“I think that in Moscow around the child can create a oasis of well-being, security. But it’s expensive. Besides, it’s pointless because sooner or later the child will be face to face with the reality that we know. Will we be able to hide the child from it? Can’t do it. Do we want to do this? Want,” says Shepelev.

According to the young father, he long pondered over the choice of educational institution. The presenter believes that it is now a popular home schooling not suitable to Plato, but he does not want to send him to a regular district school.

“The child needs to communicate a lot, he wants to communicate, he needs other children. Therefore, I believe that home education is a failure – sure leading. – If I want my child went to public school, where you learn a variety of children? I’m not sure. If I want to go to a school where are only children “the white bone, blue” blood? I don’t, because this is not about life.”

Shepelev said that he really likes the system in preschool, goes to Plato. “I chose a kindergarten where many children of French, Israeli families. And I see them another way to communicate, other energy. There are also cry, but it passes more peacefully. I would like to instill in your child not cheap or expensive model, and another model of communication that is open”, – summed up the presenter in an interview with the Mama club.