Сила в слабости: одиночество Бузовой, тяготы Бородиной и травмы Утяшевой In Instagram, gaining momentum in the flashmob “I am strong, but” in which girls are recognized for their weaknesses. He was joined by many celebrities. They share with very personal feelings.

In recent years, the increasing popularity gaining a variety of flash mobs. The mass is still running in 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge (challenge bucket of water). It was attended by many Russian stars-including Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev and Lera Kudryavtseva. This year, the celebrities do not offer to check yourself for physical endurance. The meaning of the new marathon #asilinae is to be honest about their weaknesses. The hashtag has quickly paved the way for microblog stars. What challenges face already told Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, Galina Bob and other celebrities. Some approached the issue very seriously. For example, a gymnast and TV presenter Laysan utiasheva admitted that due to old injuries with great difficulty wearing heels.

“Legs hurt, and heels to wear want. Did not pass an old injury. 14 years have passed after the last operation… But I do not despair and continue to look for “his” block, which could run all day, forgetting about the pain in the foot and feel again on 18,” said a young woman.

“Mistress” of the home country telestroke Ksenia Borodina upset that because of work may not devote enough time to their daughters and beloved husband Kurban Omarov.

“I’m strong, but don’t want to work seven days a week. I can do it, but don’t want to. While on vacation every day enjoying the fellowship with my children and husband, I felt this fully: I want to be with my family. In my childhood my parents worked, so I remember very well what it means to miss mom and wait for her to come home,” wrote the presenter in his microblog.

The baton she passed, the fashion designer Bella Potemkina, which was faced with the same problem. Businesswomen described how her working day and complained that amidst all this bustle she rarely manages to find time for quiet evenings with family. “I’m strong, but I so want to have dinner with my family at home! And it’s so rarely”, – summed up the Potemkin.

Another leading “House-2” Olga Buzova once again complained about the lack of next to a strong male shoulder. “I’m strong, but I want to take care of me. “You paint the sky blue, and gray paint rocks, and then men always strong, and women – of course, weak. But the sky is only occasionally blue, and grey does not rock, and I have to be strong, and so wants to be weak,” added the lyrics brunette.

Olga Buzova cries at night without a loved one.

The actress of the series “Deffchonki” Galina Bob admitted that he can hardly resist the charm of his son Lev. So the boy who did not Mune yet three years old, easily from Viet mom the ropes.

“Sometimes I feel straight cloth, but the language still does not turn to tell him something rude… Sometimes don’t listen, stubborn as a bull, cranky… And I’ll go porevo on the sidelines and concede again. I’m at work and I’m home – they are two different people. Never allow anyone to ride on yourself, never complain at work, even if I want. I’m strong, but not when next to my kids,” complains Galina.

Some approached the task with humor. For example, the actress of the series “Sashatanya” Valentina Rubtsova confessed that it is not able to give up sweets.

And the star of “Univer” Anna Khilkevich told fans that she is unlikely to become a great swimmer.