Зарубежные таблоиды подняли шумиху вокруг неизвестной дочери принцессы Дианы Journalists believe that princes William and Harry have a sister Sarah. According to some reports, the child was born through artificial insemination. Rumor has it that the Royal family is aware of this and visits a girl who lives in the United States.

Today, 31 August, exactly 20 years since, as did not become Princess Diana. In 1997 she traveled to Paris in the company of the son of Egyptian billionaire Dodi al-Fayed, bodyguard and driver. In the tunnel they were in a traffic accident. Despite the fact that rescuers soon arrived on the scene to rescue all of the passengers failed. The only survivor bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, who from the received traumas cannot reconstruct the events of the accident. The lifeguard told about the last words of Princess Diana before her death

For example, in foreign editions appeared information about the fact that princes William and Harry could be a sister. According to some, Queen Elizabeth before the wedding of Diana and Charles was ordered to carry out artificial insemination of the egg. Ostensibly so she wanted to make sure that the girl can have children who will become heirs to the throne.

It is said that after the experiment, all genetic material was destroyed, but the doctor who performed the experiment, did not follow orders. It is reported that the wife of the medic carried the girl to admit a relative of the Royal family. Foreign sources claim that the family now lives in the United States. Some even believe that during a trip abroad Prince William and Kate Middleton met with Sara. However, it is not known whether one or other party to carry out a DNA test in order to clarify the situation.

Not so long ago released film, in which the sons of Princess Diana said about her. At the time of her death William was 15 and Harry 12. The heirs to the throne always seemed that my mother was not easy to follow the rules of the Royal family. It seemed that she understood – outside the Palace is a real life. According to them, the parent wanted more freedom – she loved to laugh, have fun, and refused to do what she imposed.

“She was our mother. She is still our mother. And, of course, as her son, I can only say that she was the best mother in the world. Of course, she surrounded us with love,” – said the youngest heir of the royals.