Dmitry Shepelev told in the book about the disease Janna Friske

Дмитрий Шепелев рассказал в книге о болезни Жанны Фриске The presenter can not forget their status that day when he learned the diagnosis of his wife. Dmitry Shepelev decided to share their experiences in the book. He hoped that his literary work will make people believe in the miracle.

      More than a year ago the popular singer Zhanna Friske has died after a long battle with cancer of the brain. Relatives and friends tried to do everything to save her and relieve her suffering. Fans were able to collect the amount of 25 million rubles to help celebrities overcome the disease.

      Relatives still can not accept the pain of loss. Its civil husband Dmitry Shepelev for a long time did not tell the public that survived for a year without a sweetheart, who gave birth to their son Plato. In his book, the man tried to Express all that had been accumulating in his heart during the struggle with the disease Jeanne. He said that now he tries to help everyone who turns to him for help.

      “I again involuntarily turn my thoughts at the time when he first heard the verdict of the doctors my wife. Then I promised myself that when our history is complete, be sure to share the experience. Of course, I was hoping that we are waiting for much better ending. Alas, this did not happen”, – shared his thoughts on TV.

      Now Dmitry is going to keep his word and help those who need it. He is convinced that one of the main problems is the lack of information. In order to talk about how he survived the fight against disease of the spouse, Shepelev decided to release a book dedicated to Jeanne Friske. According to the journalist, the work helped him cope with grief. However, the fans of Zhanna Friske negatively perceived the news about the new product. They believe that Shepelev hurry up with the release of a biographical book.

      “That’s somehow always my sympathies were on the side Shepeleva and liked the way that he is worthy of this story with relatives Friske comes out. But in vain he with the book, though, and it’s been a year. It would be better to him to the end to be silent and not touch this story with Jeanne. Now any attempt something to tell the world about Joan looks like an attempt to cash in while people are hot to”, “will They ever settle down?” – he responded to the fans.

      Despite the negative comments of fans of creativity Friske on the book by Shepelev, the man sees in his work a global goal.

      “I hope she will be able to support those who are desperate and, perhaps, inspire faith in the miracle of salvation. Of course, it is also a love story, without which any battle would have little meaning. The book is about disease, about how it changes the rainbow and familiar world. But that to resist it is much easier when there is love, which has fallen a difficult challenge,” – said Dmitry edition of Grazia.