Show “Revizorro” will pay 700 thousand rubles to fast food from Vladivostok

Шоу «Ревизорро» выплатит 700 тысяч рублей фаст-фуду из Владивостока

The visit of an auditor makes the owners of an institution nervous. Total control of the food, cleanliness in this area, the commercial neighborhood in refrigerators and other test, which, unfortunately, could not pass each.

Failed to cope with these and fast food restaurant “Royal Burger”. One of the institutions of the network Elena Letuchaya visited in 2014, and defeated him in the dust.

In so doing, came upon Volatile oil, and concluded that chefs use waste oil, expired food products, violate sanitary standards. Elena even said that the school probably have cockroaches, although personally she was not seen and the camera they caught was not.

To endure the slander in his address, “Royal Burger” did not and sued. Today it was announced that the trial ended for the Fly in the defeat. The court sided with the plaintiff and concluded that the leading word was unfounded.

Now a café in Vladivostok will receive financial compensation in the amount of 693769 rubles. In addition, the channel which broadcasts “Revizorro” will have to issue a retraction.

Now the “Royal Burger” restore the reputation. Now famous for the cafes queues.