Dmitry Shepelev lie detector: Jeanne, Plato and the money, “Rusfond”

Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда» The presenter answered truthfully all questions that concern friends and fans of the deceased singer. In the transfer of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” Dmitry Shepelev told how are his relationships with the Friske family, but also explained the aspects related to the theft of funds “Rusfond”.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

Two years ago there was Zhanna Friske. Until now, the family of the actress and her husband are unable to establish a relationship. Besides, do not cease talking about the disappearance of 20 million that has been collected by the organization “Rusfond”. Artist civil husband Dmitry Shepelev came to the Studio of Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” to honestly answer all questions that concern thousands of fans of the singer and her friends. The presenter agreed that specialists tested it on the lie detector.

Dmitry Shepelev said he was tired of the scandals that blacken the name of Jeanne. According to the man, he couldn’t sleep a wink on the eve of the shooting program.

“I haven’t slept, I tell you honestly, and at the same time I feel a great sense of appreciation for the meeting which we can hold. I’m worried, sincerely worried. To my horror and my lack of understanding of the history of Jeanne and everything connected with it, not left alone. It all continue to discuss, to condemn,” said Dmitry.

Shepelev said that many questions still remained unanswered. According to the broadcaster, he came on transfer to dot the “i”. Most of the public are concerned about the disappearance of funds from accounts of “Responde”, which was collected for treatment Friske. Recall that the court ordered to return all the money of the heirs of the artist, including mom and dad, Jeanne, Olga and Vladimir Borisovich, and her son Plato. Dmitry Shepelev about the recovery of millions: “Plato responsible for it should not”

Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»“I need to speak separately about the money. This is a special money which shouldn’t be treated as pieces of paper, it’s the equivalent of love. These money people all over Russia and around the world supported a disabled girlfriend Jeanne Friske,” said Shepelev.

The presenter explained that the remaining funds should go to seriously ill children in need of assistance. Dmitry showed the statements of “ROSBANK” where money was “Rotonda” and personal savings of the singer.

“This is the written confirmation that was used in court, evidence that all funds for 10 days before death took her mother,” said Shepelev.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

During check on a lie detector Dmitri asked who paid for the purchase of a country house, which took place at the time when Jeanne was already sick. According to Shepeleva, they bought a plot for two.

“Half the house and half the land belongs to me. Purchase made together. The repair was completed on my money”, said the leader, answering questions of experts.

A few days before the release of the program Andrey Malakhov met with the father of Zhanna, Friske Vladimir to hear his views. Dad artist claims that Shepelev had not given any money, and always only take cash.

“He’s arrogant, people in General for who thinks. A person from rags to riches came. Now he has eight bodyguards,” – said Vladimir Borisovich.

Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»“All accounts devastated. Dry Bank statistics”, – responded by Shepelev.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

According to the journalist, the parents of Jeanne also resets personal accounts daughter. “I just don’t understand how seeing dying daughter, you can go to the Bank and think about money. I do not understand”, – said Dmitry.

In an exclusive report Shepelev showed the house that they bought with Jeanne. Currently no one lives there. According to the man, the artist herself was there twice.

“It was a remarkable day. It was winter. We were having a little picnic at the entrance to the house, drinking homemade wine, eating a kebab, told a different story,” he thought, on a second visit to the site Dimitri.

“The son was not only left without a mother in the tragic circumstances, but also because of human stupidity and greed, was left without a home,” said the journalist.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

According to the latest data, the cottage now four owner. In addition to Dmitry’s and Plato’s right to have a house, Olga and Vladimir Borisovich Friske. “I don’t need someone else, I want my son to live peacefully,” – said the presenter.

Jeanne’s father says that they will go to great lengths to often to see your grandchild.

“I will fight for Plato. What right had he to deprive us of Plato. Our blood there,” said Friske.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

Dmitry says that it doesn’t prevent the grandparents to see her grandson. Detector he frankly admitted that the last meeting was held three weeks ago. “The essence of the conflict lies in the fact that grandma and grandpa don’t want to go to grandson,” said Shepelev. Natalia Friske about the family meeting with Plato, “it Seems we have learned”

According to the presenter, in the future he plans to explain the situation. “Regardless of who says: I or the parents of Jeanne, tells us the pain, it is also necessary to make allowances. And you need to trust only his own heart and confidence that he needed and love him. I hope this disgusting story any way it has no impact,” said Shepelev.

Says the host, he constantly tells the boy about the mother. Dmitry would like to in the future, Plato would be proud parents.

“Plato, it’s time for endless “why”. I answer these questions 1000 times a day… I talk to him directly. He knows everything: he knows mother’s voice, knows how to look like a mom. By the way, he was at our house and asks, “When are we going to live in our house?” – said Shepelev.

For Plato’s mother is still alive in songs, movies and in his heart. Shepelev condemns the situation. According to the presenter, the last communication of the boy with the Friske family was very hard.

“It was very hard. After meeting Plato fever. I called the doctor. He told me that is an emotional response to the meeting. That is why I insist that the meetings were attended by a psychologist,” said Shepelev.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

According to the civil wife Jeanne, all the claims were filed by the Friske family. The court ruled that a half hour a month they can see Plato. Mother of deceased singer another is the whole situation. The program showed an excerpt from another transmission with the participation of Olga Vladimirovna, where she talks about her grandson.

“We met in the office of the psychologist in the presence of a nanny, Dima. We still guarded by eight guards. It was 30-35 minutes” – says the woman.

A strong response was caused by the conflict between Vladimir Miller and Dmitry Shepelev, when between them almost resulted in a serious fight. “He’s looking down on people. They are to him as the dung” – so says the TV presenter dad Friske.

According to the Shepelev, he admits that the singer’s father may kill him. This journalist confessed during check on a lie detector. Examiner Roman Ustyuzhanin, who worked with Dmitry commented on his answers.

Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»“The money we have to dime no questions. He answered it honestly. The issue with grandson appeared by itself, because the court decided,” – said the expert.
Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»

In edition of the program showed Vladimir Fricke and Dmitry Shepelev. According to this interview, the journalist was threatened. The presenter appealed to law enforcement agencies, but was refused initiation of proceedings about the words about the murder. Dmitry doesn’t want to deal with the involvement of the court because he’s worried about her son’s future.

“Parents of Jeanne, I like a red rag to a bull. In their eyes the reason for the loss of her daughter – I,” said Dmitry.

At the end of the program showed how Shepelev pleased Plato. The presenter was prepared for the boy’s surprise. Plato loves motorbikes and on the street it was waited by the iron horse, decorated with balls.

Дмитрий Шепелев на детекторе лжи: о Жанне, Платоне и деньгах «Русфонда»“I’m in the garden will tell the world,” said a satisfied child.

Many were waiting for the answer to two fundamental questions: whether Dmitry loved Jeanne and regret that on the day of death was not beside her. The TV reporter really can not forgive himself that he was absent at the time. Then they Plato flew to the sea.

“I love it today,” said Shepelev, answering a question about her feelings for the singer.