Dana Borisova suddenly returned to Moscow

Дана Борисова внезапно вернулась в Москву TV presenter surprised fans. A celebrity posted a picture of the Metropolitan hotel. Apparently, the promised surprise Borisova became her homecoming. On pictures Dana looks tanned and cheerful.
Дана Борисова внезапно вернулась в Москву

Dana Borisova returned to the Russian capital from Koh Samui, where he was in rehab. A couple of hours ago TV presenter posted a picture of Moscow hotel. In the photo Dana appeared with a beautiful blow wave. In the caption to frame the celebrity confessed fans of love. Yet the star did not explain why flew to Moscow. She noted that it is accompanied by a psychologist. Fans believe that she looks great and very cheerful.

“The worst is behind us, all the best ahead”, “Dana, very glad to see you in adequate condition, very hopeful that won’t back down”, “You look very well now,” – supported its celebrity followers.

Borisova decided to explain to fans that rehabilitation center in Thailand differs from the conventional medical establishment where they treat addiction.

“I’m not in an addiction clinic and rehabilitation center on Koh Samui. It’s not a hospital! There are no injections and droppers! The essence of rehabilitation: this group of dependent people and working out their problems with psychologists and spiritual growth,” – said Dana.

A couple of days ago Dana Borisova has noted the birthday. On the occasion the TV presenter hosted a dinner party for new friends and cooked them a favorite by many Russian salad “Olivier”.

In the video shared by Borisova, she showed how to prepare a dish for guests. “Not all the people that I could be beside me today, but your support has created half of my mood! I love you, and you give me happiness”, signed movie celebrity.

In another video Borisova showed the fantastic cake sent her from the chief editor of the project “StarHit” and presenter of the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov.

“The first channel made me a crazy gift, in the coming days you will know about it,” – said Borisov, noting that she was able to communicate with her daughter. According to celebrity, at the moment Pauline traveled to Europe, so they will not be able to meet. Daughter Dana Borisova came to her

Earlier, Lou Ferrigno has confirmed that the stay in rehab has gone in her favor. She rethought a lot of things. “I’m not taking any mind-altering substance (even coffee and energy drinks). At the end of the rehabilitation course (it is individual for everyone, from three months) I will live in complete sobriety. I’ve changed and will change further,” – said Borisov.