Alexei Batalov turned to his wife before his death

Алексей Баталов обратился к жене перед смертью At the disposal of “StarHit” was the last message of the famous actor, which was addressed to his beloved wife, Gitana, Leontenko. Alexey Batalov has dedicated a poem to your beloved, but do not have time to finish it.
Алексей Баталов обратился к жене перед смертью

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday has died Alexei Batalov. People’s artist of the USSR died on 89-m to year of life. Before the death of Alexei Vladimirovich few months was in the hospital in January, the movie star has broken his hip, and in February had surgery. Brother of actor Michael Ardov told reporters that shortly before the sad event he was pale and suffered from ailments associated with age.

“Gosh, he’s Gogh, he’s Jora” to the memory of Alexei Batalov

Close Alexey Vladimirovich told reporters that he asked to bury him on Preobrazhenskaya square, next to mother, Nina Olszewski. Farewell ceremony Batalov will be held June 19 at the House of cinema, and the funeral service will be held at the Church of the mother of God in Ordynka.

As has found out “StarHit”, before the death of the famous actor turned to his wife. In the order of publication was an unfinished poem, addressed to the Gitana, Leontenko which movie star had written the day before departure. A touching message demonstrates the depth of feeling the movie stars to the loved one.

“My love, a priceless gift from God. You’re not family, but fortunately the road where every step with you” – wrote Aleksey Vladimirovich.
Алексей Баталов обратился к жене перед смертью

With Gitana Arkadyevna famous figure in art and culture lived for more than half a century. The actor met with a circus artist on the set. Wedding Batalova and Leontenko was held ten years after their first meeting.

Later Alexey Vladimirovich admitted that at the time of the first meeting with Gitana Arkadyevna he was not free. At school, at the age of sixteen, he married the daughter of the artist Konstantin Rotov Irina. In this marriage, the artist’s daughter, Hope. Speaking to reporters, the Director, did not hide that did not pay enough attention to the child. After Rotova and the famous actor broke up, they first supported the communication, however, after some time, life threw their way.

In the second marriage the eminent artist was born a long-awaited daughter Masha. When Alexei Batalov found out about the upcoming addition to the family, he was overjoyed. However, due to a medical error she has become disabled. Medical professionals diagnosed the girl has cerebral palsy. The news about the terrible diagnosis was a real blow for the couple, but they did not give up and did everything that Mary received an excellent education. Currently she is engaged in writing scripts and articles about theatre productions. In addition, Maria is the author of such books as “the Singing stick” and “the lost tales”.

During the conversation with journalists Gitana A. once admitted that her husband often read daughter poems aloud. Alexey tried since childhood to the heiress immersed in the art world. The result is Maria has grown very well read and educated. According to Leontenko, she loves the creativity of many poets, including Brodsky and Akhmatova. And to engage in literary work Maria began to direct their energies in the right direction. “Otherwise she would have gone mad, you know? I really like how she writes when he goes to the theater. I’m proud of it,” – said circus artist in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

Алексей Баталов обратился к жене перед смертью