Dmitry Shepelev “killed” deed, Andrey Malakhov

Дмитрий Шепелев «убит» поступком Андрея Малахова
Host of the show “actually” spoke harshly about the behavior of their colleagues.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Some time ago Andrey Malakhov announced his intention to intervene in the protracted row between Dmitry Shepelev and father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Kopylov. Leading new show “live,” issued a statement saying that it plans to contribute to dad who died from cancer of the actress was found with his grandson Plato.

The decision Malakhov to take the side Kopylova became for Dmitry a complete surprise. After all, Shepelev has long made it clear: he doesn’t want Vladimir talked with Plato. The First channel was greatly surprised at how quickly she ‘defected’ to the side of the “enemy.” But more recently he has given a Frank interview to Andrey Malakhov in the program “Let them talk” and there passed check on the lie detector.

“I gave Andrew the most important thing in my life interview about Joan, about our Plato about why cherish is so personal, how important it is for me, why I was struggling to protect my son. Today, I understand that stating that he “will help her grandson to meet with the grandfather,” Andrew supplied professionally, but inhuman!” — quotes Shepeleva

Recall that the last meeting of Vladimir with his grandson took place in the spring of this year. Kopylov with his wife and youngest daughter accompanied by guards and psychologist, and Shepeleva, visited the circus.