Malikova about the scandal: “To the last did not want to raise this issue…”

Маликова о скандале: «До последнего не хотела поднимать эту тему...»
The singer commented on the situation with the deceived shopper.

Inna Malikova with the bag

Photo: @Instagram innamalikova Inna Malikova

Inna Malikova has appeared in the scandal center. The occasion was the story of a girl deceived, that the whole country has accused the singer of cheating: actress allegedly sold to her through intermediaries the bag for 270 thousand rubles of poor quality. According to “victim”, after she contacted the seller and with the ina and make a claim, she refused to refund. Inna, remained silent for a few days, yet decided to comment on “slippery” situation, which turned out to…

“Until recently, I didn’t want to raise this issue. Well, right, our family was always aloof from any, even minor scandals. But to get caught up now, decided to comment on firsthand the situation with the allegedly defrauded me shopper.

Not long ago, I first time in my life sold through proven many of my friends thrift store my bag. (About a hundred times already, of course, regretted). The bag I bought, therefore, at parting, of course, gave it for restoration. Forth between the shop and the buyer had been a misunderstanding. This, unfortunately, is sometimes, — says Inna. When I found out about it, she came to the buyer to understand the situation, but the first time I failed.

In the end, the customer has appealed to the media, who once wrote that “Inna Malikova is a liar”. At the moment, with this girl, we connected, she had no complaints to me. I hope everything is exhale with this story, but each will make a lesson. I am!”

Yesterday Inna’s brother — 47-summer Dmitry has surprised fans with an unexpected change of image. The actor appeared before the fans in the “biker” image.