Anna Banshchikova not sleeping for 10 years

Анна Банщикова не спит уже 10 лет
The actress spoke about the event that has changed her life.

Anna Banshchikova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Anna Banshchikova admits that having children has changed a lot in her life. “From that day, as my first child was born, I became unable to sleep, — says the actress. — In his youth, could protyanut and fifteen hours. Now, if I’m not filming and I can sleep in, still get up to hold sons to school. Even when I go after a night shift at four o’clock in the morning. Was never that I had not done Misha and Sasha! Our nanny in the morning surprised: “Anya, Yes do you sleep, why you jumped?” And I can’t…”

Thus the mother of many children (Besides two sons Anna has another half-year-old daughter Masha) very actively removed. Her character — Colonel of the criminal investigation in the series “the Bloodhound” — liked by the audience. The second season is already filmed and waiting in the wings in the First channel. True to Bandicoot these shots were the most difficult in her career — to go on set Anne had immediately after the birth of her daughter.

“When Mary was a month, I Packed up and dragged her off to work in Gelendzhik — says Banshchikova. Two and a half months were shot there. The end of the academic year, came to me more and sons. And then we all went back to Moscow, and the shooting lasted for another month and a half in the Studio, in the pavilion. I honestly was afraid to sign the contract, told producers: “I’m almost of the hospital shall go to the shooting. But I’m not 25 years…” But I was persuaded — docile nature. (Laughs.) Although I thought, “God, herself sign the sentence. How to handle it?!” It turned out — can. Yes, it was not easy. And it’s not dialed in pregnancy weight — I gained quite a bit, only seven pounds, as in the case with first children: Misha and Sasha. And not that I, as a breastfeeding mom, was well, very ample bosom. (Laughs.) The main problem is that I don’t have time to recover after childbirth, “returned to life”. A day removed, in the evening come home, I want to hang out with kids a little feed. And you need to teach the text kilometer — huge monologues for tomorrow’s filming. It’s a whole pack of sheets with names, dates, names, “appearances and passwords”, which is not to be confused. But in lactating women a her own problems: they say it sometimes his name can’t remember, and the shots need to be totally focused, ready, focused…”

Little girl actress at the time while my mom worked, spent with the nanny in the gardens of Noumea. From-for a mad rhythm of work Banshchikova time to feed the daughter only at lunchtime. “I had my own trailer to stay, — says the actress. — During the filming, I never in it is not gone breaks we just didn’t have! I think after this picture I have to hand the award “Glamour”. I totally scored on how I look. Allowed himself to be normal “disassembled” Auntie. And I think this naturalness become my heroine. By the way, thanks to this “glamour” I was cutting some precious extra half hour to sleep. The makeup was laid an hour, and I have time to “make a face” in 20 minutes, and even more quickly — one day it took seven minutes. The makeup and costume already used that running Banshchikova as fury and she needs half a second to wash, dry, style your hair and paint your face! And I dressed as soldiers — faster than a lit match. All the costumers in shock!”

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