Dmitry Shepelev: “I took Jeanne on a film that no one will see”

Дмитрий Шепелев: «Я снял о Жанне фильм, который никто не увидит» At a press conference the presenter spoke about the book, which was dedicated to the departed singer. Dmitry Shepelev told reporters that removed and even a documentary about Jeanne Friske, but to release it in light of not planning because they do not have time to record an interview with the main character of the picture.

      Дмитрий Шепелев: «Я снял о Жанне фильм, который никто не увидит»

      On 24 November will go on sale in the book Dmitry Shepelev “Joan”, dedicated to the memory of the singer. In anticipation of this event, broadcaster and author, convened a press conference during which he spoke about how and why it was created.

      According to Dmitry Shepelev, was written for two reasons: the first is to be useful for those who have faced or may face a similar situation. “In this book I share the medical, psychological and sometimes household tips. And the second reason it was written – to keep a good memory of Jeanne. Speak up if there was trouble. Cancer is not equal to the word “death.” A scary diagnosis is not a reason to say goodbye to life, and a reason to fight for life and for their loved ones. This is exactly what I wanted to convey with his book.”

      Dmitry Shepelev also said that in the book, he thanked everyone for their support, which, in his opinion, helped to win two years of life for Jeanne Friske.

      Дмитрий Шепелев: «Я снял о Жанне фильм, который никто не увидит»“I do not put before ourselves the purpose to explain or someone to blame. I do not care. I wish this book was useful. There is nothing more shameful than to make the family misunderstanding in the book, which is intended absolutely for another. It is not my goal. I’m in no blame and certainly do not seek to earn points in the trouble,” said Dmitry Shepelev.

      The presenter also drew attention to the fact that the possibility of writing a book about Joan he discussed with her, and the singer gave his consent. In addition, Shepelev had intended to release a documentary about how Jeanne was struggling with the disease.
      “Together with the crew we came all the path that was Jeanne during treatment. Visited Hamburg, Oncology center on Kashirka street, Los Angeles, in new York. But we don’t have time to do the main thing – not recorded interview with the main character. And without it, the film can’t leave,” said Shepelev.

      Speaking about his brainchild, Dmitry Shepelev said that he created a book for them to Jeanne son of Plato.

      Дмитрий Шепелев: «Я снял о Жанне фильм, который никто не увидит»“The most important thing is our son is my main love and my duty. I’m happy to read this book with him. It is important for me to understand what was happening with us and what an important role he played, our son, supporting us in this difficult situation. I understand that it will be hard for us a lot of serious conversations going. Very important and very complex. I have no intentions to hide something from him. I want to know everything” – said Dmitry Shepelev.

      Talking about Plato, the broadcaster said that his son is growing very developed boy, whose life is painted literally on hours. A three-year child attends an English school and regular kindergarten where fun to interact with peers. Still, the daily schedule of Plato, gym, pool, classes in sculpting and music lessons. And of course, the father is trying to do so that the son always remembered about mom.

      “I have nothing from Plato not hide – said Shepelev. – I often talk to. I really want to see Plato felt the presence of Joan as well as feel her presence I am. Wish he was confident that Mama’s here, and she’ll give him”.

      But the grandparents, according to Dmitry Shepelev, his son never asks.
      “Neither my grandmother or grandfather did not agree to come and visit her grandson,” said Shepelev.
      “Where are come,” – was a question of journalists.
      “I will not discuss with you, – said Dmitry Shepelev. – I would like to note that we are going to talk about the book, not in order to give me advice on how to deal with family conflict”.

      On this Dmitry Shepelev chose to finish his meeting with representatives of mass media. We add that the royalties from the book “Jeanne,” the author intends to transfer to the hospice charity Fund “Vera”.