Day TV: how to live the famous Soviet speakers

Ко дню телевидения: как живут знаменитые советские дикторы “StarHit” learned how to deal with the former leading the esters. Anna Shatilova spends fees on their grandchildren, Igor Kirillov basks in the attention of the young couple, and Victor Balashov after surgery walks with a stick, but tries to lead an active lifestyle.

      Ко дню телевидения: как живут знаменитые советские дикторы

      Monday, November 21, the world celebrates the Day of television. The first star of the Soviet Union had no idea that this narration, and their velvet voices was recognized by all country. “StarHit” congratulated legends TV with their professional holiday.

      Igor Kirillov

      Central television announcer from 1958 to 2004

      Four years ago, when “StarHit” congratulated Igor Leonidovich 80th birthday, he was cheerful and happy. He told of a young wife Tatiana from Moldova. But lately the familiar presenter of the program “Time” I noticed that he passed… “Everything is fine, says “StarHit” Igor Kirillov. – Sometimes work. Yesterday to Anne of Shatilovo led event in the CDL. In bad weather out of the house do not go, at my age it’s dangerous. There is no sentiment. On TV nothing to watch. Only my wife and entertains”.

      Ко дню телевидения: как живут знаменитые советские дикторы

      Tatiana speaker met in 2007 at the store where she worked. One woman suggested Kirillov help with the housework. And then she got into trouble – he lost his job, and with it the housing. Igor Leonidovich sheltered Tatiana. Between them struck up a romance. It turned out that children Kirillov was not with him. Daughter Anna lives in Germany. The son of Vsevolod, co-owner of the company for the organization of hunting in Africa, died of pancreatitis in Cameroon. He is survived by four children. Only after the death of Vsevolod Kirillov was able to meet his grandchildren, but the friendship has not developed.


      Announcer of the Central television from 1962 to 1995

      Ко дню телевидения: как живут знаменитые советские дикторы

      Despite its age – and this Saturday, November 26, Anna Nikolaevna turns 78 years old – she was still in demand in the profession. Shatilov still leads to the red square the parade devoted to the Victory Day and other holidays.

      “Demand has become even more than before, − has shared with “StarHit” the host. – A few times a week I have activities. So your birthday will work. We by Yevgeny Kochergin are in concert at the ice Palace in Podolsk. Things are going well. Doing his beloved profession. With his son Cyril, his wife Aline and children friendly. We are one family – and financially, too. All fees spend on grandchildren, 12-year-old Svetoslav and 14-year-old Vsevolod. With senior Seva we travel a lot together. Been to Veliky Ustyug, Germany, France. And I made headlines around the world during the Soviet Union. Trip’s predicted for me by the horoscope: Sagittarius I don’t like to sit still. Son Kirill I of talented. He is a translator and writer. Recently translated the Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” in Russian. Kirill and his family often staying in my suburban two-story house, where there are all amenities. I built it to spend time with family”.


      Central television announcer from 1968 to 1993

      Ко дню телевидения: как живут знаменитые советские дикторы

      One of the leading program “Time” Azalea, Liicence often invited to TV talk shows, but she refuses: “that’s that. Need to know when to quit.” “I do not miss, – has shared with “StarHit” Aza Vladimirovna. – Guests all year round. Come friend. Daughter Catherine lives across the street often looks to me. Grandson Dima calls every day. Igor Kirillov always on the phone. Spend the winter in a Moscow apartment. Heat move to the country in the Ruza district − I have a plot of six acres and a wooden house on the mountain. Though he shovels, but cozy. And in summer, no mosquitoes. Feeling normal. Start every morning with a Cup of coffee. Daughter all the time offers to hire an assistant on the farm. But I refuse! That’s my motion. So cleaned myself. Of sores only asthma. In the cold, can’t take a walk in the fresh air – I start to choke. Taking the medications. While I sit at home, listen to radio and watch the TV program Andrei Malakhov, too.”

      Victor Balashov

      Central television announcer from 1947 to 1996

      91-year-old Viktor Ivanovich was a war, received shrapnel wound in the leg, which began to remind myself in recent years. Balashov recently had surgery. Now walking with a cane.

      “Are restored in the country, − has shared with “StarHit” the speaker. – Do gymnastics, dieting. According to the doctors, there is still not one operation. Daughter Margaret V., already retired, often visits me. But here flew to France. Work there and live granddaughter and her husband. I grow beautiful great-grandchildren: Shurik for eight years, he, like me in my youth, engaged in Sambo, and the beauty of the Ira four years old. Live a little, the benefit of helping friends and faith. I often go to Church, confess and receive Holy communion”.