Dmitry Shepelev in “Let them talk”: the first interview on television

Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении Dmitry Shepelev was frankly told about the personal drama. In the broadcast transmission Dmitry told about how he wrote a book dedicated to the courageous history of struggle Zhanna Friske cancer. Shepelev sure she will be an example for all who were in a similar situation and suffering from this deadly disease.

      Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении

      Work Shepeleva will be available on November 24. The presenter is confident that his book will help many people who suffer from disease that took the life of his common-law wife. To talk on television about what was their love story, how he manages to live after the departure of Joan, and also to think about how to grow their small son, Shepelev decided for the first time. In the Studio of the program Andrey Malakhov “Let them talk,” the man spoke about the personal tragedy he had to endure. Book Dmitry Shepelev “Jeanne”. The first excerpts

      Once in the chair guest, Dmitry Shepelev was warmly welcomed by Andrei Malakhov and prepared to answer questions that have a year and a half concern to the public.


      “It was really difficult years in my life – began his story, broadcaster, Recalling the time when Jeanne was still alive, but sick. – Especially the last year and a half after it was Jeanne. Now, of course, I feel much better. Everything seems begins very slowly but becomes on the places”.

      Thinking about the trials that befell his family, Shepelev said that was asking a lot of questions, the answers to which no one can find. The man is sure that he and Jeanne could only accept the situation and start fighting.

      “You know, I ask myself the question “what” and “why” – admitted Dmitry. – Exactly the same questions of all cancer patients when it comes to trouble. And it is clear that these questions never answers. You cannot answer why. It is impossible to answer for that. Why is your beautiful wife is terminally ill. Why it happened when you just had a baby. There is no answer to this question, unfortunately. And maybe to happiness.”

      Malakhov said, who currently supports Dmitri and always close to him and Plato. Shepelev is convinced that if he hadn’t continued to work, things could go quite differently.

      “Who really supported me all this time, it is certainly my job. Primarily my job, he said. – Because the only work allowed me somehow to be distracted from the thoughts that are swirling in my head. You Wake up in the night, you fall asleep with them and you live with them every day. And only work can take. Only job is a lifeline. But most importantly, of course, son. Of course, Plato. This is the most important person to me now.”
      Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении

      Thanks to Plato, according to the civil husband of the actress, he managed to stay afloat and “to shrug”.

      “Well, when near you, kid, you’re by and large with him one-on-one, you have no excuse to pour yourself that extra glass of wine, you have no right to cry, you have no right to depression, you can’t go anywhere. Allow yourself to relax, to give up. To travel… Because you have a child. Because you’re the father. And you can’t do anything that dropped in the eyes of this child your authority. So, of course, saved me Plato,” said the man.

      A young father decided to show their Plato a normal day. Shepelev allowed the crew to speak to hold the baby for a few hours. So, early in the morning, father and son left the house and headed to the car. Sitting in the car, little Plato have fastened my seat belt. On the way, Dmitry asked the boy what he would like to eat for Breakfast. He replied that he would not refuse omelets and pizzas with ham, to which his dad replied, “You’re not gonna eat it. Give something one – or pizza, or omelet. Pizza for Breakfast is not very good.” “I would like scrambled eggs,” said baby.

      “In Plato’s sense of humor. He knows how to amuse me. And I know how to laugh. That is, we know how to lift each other’s mood. For me it is very valuable. So we have a very easy relationship of trust”.

      Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении

      Earlier, the broadcaster said that Plato grows very developed, active and smart. By the way, the kid already thinks he knows all the letters of the alphabet. When the institution where you had Breakfast, the father and son, the waiter brought a dish is written on the plate the name of the boy, he was able to read “Plato”.

      “He has a pretty busy schedule, I think. Certainly in my childhood it was a bit different. I was limited to the section tennis and all. Plato and a half years goes to an English school. For me it is very important that he got used to the English language from young nails. This year he had additional lessons. Plato is engaged in gymnastics. The more precious and filled with the remains of our weekend, when we can go together to go to the pool, to Breakfast at our favorite cafe, to spend time alone. It’s the happiest, warmest days for me.”

      Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении

      The stories Shepeleva them with Zhanna Friske son is making great strides at gymnastics. The broadcaster said that the boy is growing very strong, and in comparison with peers, good prepared physically.

      “He would only overcome shyness, and everything will be fine, – says Dmitry. – He’s cool. I think he will even be able to play sports professionally. Six months later, it’s time to give this some thought”.

      Shepelev believes that everything that happens in the moment, Plato is really like. If the father sees that he is tired, allow to skip classes. “I allow him to be naughty and with great pleasure frisky with him,” admitted the leader.

      Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении

      We just saw Jeanne in a child’s body… – said Andrey Malakhov.

      – It’s true. I must say that im extremely proud of, – said Dmitry. I never thought I’d feel that’s exactly what the role of a father. It’s so calm, so gentle, so steady and so smart, and understands a child that probably can only dream of. It is absolutely outstanding child, in my opinion. All the parents praised their children… But I remain convinced that this is another reminder about Joan… Because I see it as her. I see in his fingers, in his eyes, the way he talks…

      Andrey Malakhov recalled the episode, which slammed into his memory, and now when I think about it, his eyes welling with tears – this is a casual meeting presenter of the program “Let them talk” with Dimitri and a small Plato at the airport when father was taking the child to the sea.

      “You were absolutely parched, you’re a skeleton – says Malakhov. And happy Plato, who, of course, that still doesn’t suspect anything, in your lap, and the day comes that Jeanne did not. This scene is always in front of my eyes. I have a question… Sorry I asked. But those last moments when you were left alone with Jeanne… How did you feel that you should disappear?”

      It was evident how difficult it is to Shepelevo are given the answer to this question. Lost in thought, the man made a pause, to gain strength to remember how it was and try to say it.

      “It’s hard to talk about it – began Dimitri. – The day has come when… the Doctors had given up hope. Of course, none of them talked about the fact that this will happen in a week or two, tomorrow or in a month. It is the unknown. All disease, when it is fatal, it is always the unknown. You never know what will happen tomorrow. You’re forced to live one day, and we lived”.

      Shepelev remembered that when he and Jeanne returned from the United States in February 2015 year, the singer just handed eyes. According to the presenter, it was the same every day, and even then the doctors were convinced that a miracle will happen.

      “Plato lived in the house with her, and I every morning and every evening spent with her. The day I was leaving for work – continued Dmitry. And one night, when we managed to be alone with her, suddenly Jeanne, who almost all the time he was unconscious, brightened. We were always very comfortable together, and we could not talk. We felt very close to each other always. To admit, she had no strength really to say… She said, “I die.” And that was our goodbye. Four months before her death.”

      Shepelev said that he lived with that the rest of the time and no one talked about it. For a long time, the host criticized the fact that he took the son of the sea, while his beloved woman and mother of his child died. Many then considered an outrageous act Shepelev, who did not want to stay next to Jeanne in the last days of her life. Thinking about it, the man stressed that his aim was primarily to protect the child from severe emotional shock.

      “It’s not my fault that mom got sick. Should he see his mother’s death? Should he see tragedy in the eyes of the parents of Jeanne, my? Should he see my tears? Who can answer this question? We had not planned life for the future. I knew the main thing: the child must be the child, the child must be summer. No one knew when would come the last farewell day. We have long said, long ago planned, and even a month before tickets were bought, so the boy could leave for the sea.”

      The narrative of the presenter and then dies because, apparently, it would be hard to say. A man recalls how the day before the departure of Jeanne she and her son went into her room to say goodbye. “He loved to crawl on her bed, not bothering to hide the emotion said Dmitry. – Crawled over her, kissed her in the leg, in the arm and ran off somewhere. We were left alone. Zhanna on her finger was a device that monitors pulse, breathing, it has some numbers. And when those numbers move, it seems like she talks to you, responds to your words. I told her that should take her son to the sea and he’ll be back in a few days. I look at these numbers, I want to hear her answer… And they didn’t move. We flew”.

      The next day heart Janna Friske stopped. It happened in her parents ‘ house outside the city, where the last few months, the family stayed. Upon learning of the death of the woman, Shepelev tried to fly back, but he managed to do this not once, as in high season to get tickets was difficult. Little son of Jeanne and Dmitry then remained with his father Shepelev, who urgently arrived in Bulgaria.

      Andrey Malakhov also remembered a fragment of the book Shepeleva, in which he talks about how he learned about the death of Jeanne. This news, according to the man, told him of Natasha Friske, sister of the singer. In his work “Joan” Dmitri told me how he got a text with the words “This was”. Sister of the artist, being in a state of shock, wrong letter when sending a message. This episode, the confessions of a leading program “Dostoyanie Respubliki”, he dreamed again and again. Answering the question, do I dream of Jeanne herself, John said that this is not happening. “The only way for me to see again Joan is hugging the son,” he said.

      The Studio program “Let them talk” we are talking also about the missing millions, which had remained on account of Zhanna Friske. These funds were raised throughout the country for a few days, when the public became aware of her illness. Andrey Malakhov read a passage from the works of Dmitry Shepelev, in which it was said that a few days before the death of the singer the money from the account disappeared. To dispose of them, according to Dmitry, could only Jeanne and her mother.

      Host of “Let them talk” in conversation with Shepelev could not ignore the topic of communication small Plato with his grandparents. To the surprise of all those who for one and a half years, empathized with the family of the actress that has not had the opportunity to meet with his grandson, Dmitry said the following: “there has Never been any prohibitions on the communication of grandparents with a grandchild. I understand that the parents of Joan is her piece, and they close for Plato. Of course, I’ll be very happy if after our conversation you will hear a bell and the parents of Joan wants to see her grandson. Yet this desire was not.”

      The presenter stressed that with respect to the family of the woman, but cannot allow them to desecrate the memory of Jeanne, which, in his opinion, they do. The Shepelev said that in his own way with them.

      “I would like to say that none of us were in the place of the parents of Jeanne. I can only imagine what a terrible pain these people have gone through. Therefore, neither I, no one else can condemn them. Everyone experiences pain differently. I can only imagine the pain experienced by the parents of Jeanne. I can only guess, I sympathize with them,” said Shepelev.
      Дмитрий Шепелев в «Пусть говорят»: первое интервью на телевидении

      In conversation with Andrey Malakhov Shepelev recalled the time when Jeanne was much better. After treatment obtained in the US, the family went to Jurmala, where the singer was recovering. Now about this period Dmitry says with a smile. He says it was a wonderful time when hope for the best still remained.

      “It’s very happy and touching, and very painful episode. First and foremost, of course, he’s happy. We talked a lot about how I want to get married, but always as a joke. We never had planned. It was a bright summer, when Jeanne was raised. She refused a wheelchair. She began again to follow him, blossomed and began to become the Jeanne, which everyone knew and which is so like me.”

      According to Shepeleva, about the wedding they are civil wife was only kidding. But when the leading tablet started randomly appearing pictures of wedding dresses and rings, as the device was synced with phone Joan, he realized that the delay is not worth it. Pre-ordered in America rings, Dmitry was determined to do this step.

      “Was the birthday of Jeanne. I thought it was the best day and the best opportunity to propose to her. I went into her bedroom, knelt, said a few words and stopped… We were laughing and I asked: “can we start again?” I repeated all the same, and she said, “I should think”. She told me “Yes”.

      Flipping through the pages of a book by Dmitry Shepelev, Andrei Malakhov stops at the episode, which was very symbolic for them to Jeanne. It was about the night they learned of her illness.

      Flipping through the pages of a book by Dmitry Shepelev, Andrei Malakhov stops at the episode, which was very symbolic for them to Jeanne. It was about the night they learned about the disease Jeanne. “I went outside and saw a lizard. The hospital was in the suburbs. On a huge vacant lot, filled with asphalt there were so many. One of these lizards, as I thought, froze and stopped on me your glance. This may seem silly, but Jeanne has the same tattoo was small with these animals. I came in and said that while she was on the procedure, I almost fell in love with the lizard. Jeanne said, “She’s not your type”. We laughed a lot”.