Дмитрий Шепелев скрывает подросшего сына Broadcaster rests with Plato on the coast. Dmitry Shepelev shares with his subscribers conceptual frames on the back, but does not give the Internet audience to look at the three year old heir.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev is resting with a three year old son of Plato on the coast. The family left on vacation about two months ago and in no hurry to go back. A little boy’s father shares in social networks pictures from the trip, however, does not allow the user to look at the grown heir. Shepelev showed fans how she and her son have arranged Breakfast on the sand, laying out the tentacle of the octopus, which probably recently caught in the sea.

      Users of the social network noted that such a spectacle looks very disgusting, but the taste of cooked seafood must be delicious. However, the facilitator does not reveal in what place they are with Plato spend their holidays. Subscribers Shepeleva suggested that the family can enjoy in Greece or Bulgaria.

      Earlier Dmitry has shared an interesting video in which his son is trying to pull off hands with a paper bracelet, which often give pleasure to visit certain areas. Dad Plato joked that the props on the left hand of the heir after visiting a night club.

      Subscribers microblog Shepeleva think he’s a great father, as threw him such a wonderful vacation. “Dima! You’re done! Fully agree with you and support your little family! Be happy and don’t listen to anybody. You have each other – and this is important. Have a great holiday, peasants!”, “I would have been happy if I had a father like you! I wish you happiness, patience and wisdom!”, “Dmitry, you are a wonderful person, man and father! I wish you happiness!”, – write followers of the presenter.

      Unfortunately family Friske, Dmitry has restricted their communication with Plato. Now the question of meetings of the boy with grandma, grandpa and aunt Natasha decided by the court. Sister Jeanne confesses to his missing nephew: “My little Prince, I miss you very much”. She again wants to return to a time when she had read the boy books, make food and a bed to sleep in.

      By the way, very soon Shepelev will surprise the audience with a literary work dedicated to the mother of Plato. The book will be called “Zhanna Friske”. According to the journalist, the writing of this biographical history helped him to grieve after the death of his beloved woman. Dmitry Shepelev convicted of a book about Jeanne Friske

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