Дочь Лепса провалила слепое прослушивание в шоу «Голос» Inga Leps are not committed to the team, no mentor. Despite the fact that sat on the jury of the famous daddy’s girl, he never made concessions for the sake of their own child and advised her to continue to vigorously engage in the vocals.

      While they are shooting a new season of the sensational project of the First channel “Voice”. Dozens of participants dream to get on the big stage and impress the jury with their votes. Try your luck trying to beginning artists and experienced singers.

      Became known the names of mentors, the new season of the show “the Voice”

      Among participants who wanted to like the strict jury, which “StarHit” declassified last week, was the daughter of Grigory Leps Inga. 31-year-old girl was on the third day of blind auditions when future mentors gather a team. She had to speak in front of strict judges Leonid Agutin, Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan and his father, sitting turned away from the scene and can judge only by his vocal abilities. At the end of his speech, Inga was waiting for a bitter disappointment.

      “Unfortunately, Inge nobody turned, – said the “StarHit” on the set of “the Voice”. – Grigory Viktorovich, judging by the facial expression recognized her immediately. But as they say, professionalism is more important than family ties. When Inga had ended and the jury could see someone in front of them, Gregory took the floor and advised the daughter to work out another year”.

      Inga said “StarHit”, which is not much upset about the fact that not auditioned for the show.

      “All right, just did not expect that bad sing. Not heard, unfortunately, myself – and yet I can’t say what I did correctly. But all honest! Will do!” – shared his impressions of the girl.

      Recall that before the blind auditions that took place in Moscow in the last days of August, got about 150 applicants. Musicians throughout the years participated in the auditions throughout Russia. In July was the selection in the capital. Try your luck and fight all their talent came a lot of artists whose names already known to the public. Among them were ex-“fabrikantki Sogdiana and Yulia Mikhalchik, the former husband of actress Anastasia Makeeva, Gleb Matveichuk, not the first time trying to get to the project, but did not last beyond the first round, the star of the show “Junior” Ivan Dubrovsky, star photographer Vladimir Shirokov.

      Apparently, viewers will have to wait for a lot of surprises from the creators of the project. The show promises to be entertaining and interesting, and a special mood created by famous mentors, who, despite the fact that kept in suspense all the participants, trying every way to cheer up the contestants and to select the strongest to their teams.

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