Александр Панайотов анонсировал участие в «Голосе» Noticeably thinner a graduate of “people’s artist” will try the forces in a music competition. Alexander Panayotov will appear before the updated composition of the jury of the popular show “the Voice.

      Александр Панайотов анонсировал участие в «Голосе»

      Popular project “the Voice” will once again open its doors to the musical talent of Russia and abroad this week. Viewers looking forward to the new season of the show. Moreover, this year the creators of the program have prepared a lot of surprises.

      Became known the names of mentors, the new season of the show “the Voice”

      Earlier in the contest competed in the main Amateurs and unknown to the General public professionals, now this situation has changed. Behind the scenes of the show say that auditions came many stars, among which were even the ex-husband of Anastasia Makeeva, Gleb Matveichuk. Fans had removed his idol on camera, but he later denied the rumors about his participation.

      But the graduate of “people’s artist” Alexander Panayotov he gave people something to talk about. Pop-singer has published on his page in Instagram photo, looking at that there is no doubt – soon the audience will see a star in the First channel. The picture shows a close-up shot of the badge of the participant of the show, which lies on the lap of Alexander.

      Of course, friends and fans of the singer began to congratulate him in the comments so good luck and wish to win in competition. However, after some time Panayotov for some unknown reason deleted from his microblog the photo. Maybe he just changed his mind and decided to keep the intrigue until his appearance in the project.

      By the way, many may not know who came from another musical talent show “people’s artist”, because Alexander is pretty thin. A new image of the singer provoked controversy in the Network. Many fans didn’t even believe that the artist really so different. He was accused of using photoshop. However, the artist told how he managed to lose weight.

      Phenomenal weight loss Alexander Panayotov has caused controversy in the Network

      My latest modifications are solely due to finally, nutrition and introduction to my life such thing as a sport! Of course, I understand that many are accustomed to seeing me at the weight of 106 pounds. And to many it may even be on hand. But I’m a man of great willpower and perseverance, and have decided to come to his normal weight category. I now weigh 86 kilos, my height is 190 centimeters, is considered the norm. Please do not ascribe my change Hobbies into tablets, drugs, alcohol. And not to write phrases in a style “something is wrong”. I repeat – it is a sport and proper nutrition,” said Panayotov subscribers.

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