Дмитрий Певцов удивил новым имиджем

  • Дмитрий Певцов удивил новым имиджем

    Dmitry Pevtsov

  • Дмитрий Певцов удивил новым имиджем

    Dmitry Pevtsov, the younger son of Elisha

  • Дмитрий Певцов удивил новым имиджем

    Director Sergei Ursulyak, actor Yevgeny Tkachuk

  • Дмитрий Певцов удивил новым имиджем

    Svetlana Druzhinina and Anatoly Mukasey

  • Дмитрий Певцов удивил новым имиджем

    Film Directors Sergei Solovyov, Aleksandr Adabashyan and Dmitry Pevtsov son Elisha

  • Agniya Kuznetsova and Maxim Petrov

These days in the city of Vyborg starts in the XXIV festival “Window to Europe”. The festival will show more than 100 films of Russian cinema, among them premiere with Michael Porechenkova, RAVENOL Kursovoy, Gosha Kutsenko, Anna Chipovskaya and others.

The opening film was the painting “were we” one of the roles in which he played Dmitri Pevtsov. The actor couldn’t miss the premiere of her new movie and personally came to Vyborg to present the film. Filmmakers and audiences Singers surprised not only beautiful work but also a new image – elegant beard, which is very patanatomy 54-year-old actor. For all the compliments about her looks, he only smiled and immediately translated the conversation to his younger son Elisha. Charming boy attracted the attention of not only spectators and the media, but also the venerable Director – Svetlana Druzhinina and Sergey Solovyov.

-Do you want to be an actor like dad? – asked the young offspring.

I don’t know yet – confused nine year old boy.

But he gladly settled for the second row of the movie theater and watched a performance of his father, who decided to present a picture special to be performing with his musical group “Kartush, performing a few songs and focusing on the symbol of the festival Lyudmila Gurchenko.

“I am very glad to come to Vyborg. Once upon a time I was here, but since then never came, and the festival for 24 years. Then ask the President of the festival, where have I been all this time?” smiled the actor.

Festival “Window to Europe” will be held in Vyborg from 6 to 12 August. Among the many Prime critics emphasize the painting “the Day Before” – the almanac, where in addition to the well-known Russian actors such as Ksenia Rappoport, Ivan Krasko, Elena Lyadova and Yuri Stoyanov has played a TV host Andrei Malakhov and singer Philip Kirkorov.

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