Особые приметы: что заставляет звезд Голливуда набивать странные татуировки The next wave of fashion for tattoos is not left aside, even 81-year-old James bond star Dame Judi Dench. Among the celebrities were many people who to the surprise of the public decorated the body rather ambiguous drawings, which they later had to correct.

      Особые приметы: что заставляет звезд Голливуда набивать странные татуировки

      In late June, lady Judy has indulged the British magazine Surrey Life exclusive – were allowed to take pictures of his first tattoo. A visit to the salon honoured artist of the UK presented on the December birthday of her daughter, Tara Cressida Williams. On reflection, lady Judy has got a Latin inscription Carpe Diem – “seize the day” or in the more usual version of “Carpe diem” on the inside of the right wrist.

      “This is my life motto,” said 81-year-old actress. But colleagues in the performance “Winter fairytale”, which first saw the tattoo, jokingly translated it as “today’s koi” or “fish day”.

      Lost in translation

      At least lady Judy know Latin is not hearsay, and it is ten times checked the spelling before typing into the skin of the inscription in a different language. To many celebrities wish to show off the intellect turned into a big embarrassment.

      Особые приметы: что заставляет звезд Голливуда набивать странные татуировки

      For tattoo on hip Britney Spears has chosen the Chinese character, which she heard, means “mysterious”. Consult with real Chinese singer lazy. The results showed that the symbol with which it was decorated, it really means “strange”. Maybe that’s closer to the truth, but definitely not what I was referring to Britney. I wonder what this experience taught her nothing. The word “God” in Sanskrit, she eventually struck on the back of the neck, consisted of three letters and one error.

      Christina Aguilera was more fortunate. In the first marriage she captured the hand with the initials of her husband Jordan Bratman in Hebrew out of respect for his roots. After the procedure it was discovered that two selected by the Christine character in combination mean not the “DB” and the number “12”. But a few years later, when the marriage collapsed, the body of the singer left painful reminders of ex-husband, only meaningless and harmless numbers.

      What’s in a name?

      Особые приметы: что заставляет звезд Голливуда набивать странные татуировки

      Ink names came from the grace of beloved stars generally deliver a lot of trouble. Recently, the Internet spread the news that johnny Depp has dismissed the possibility of reunification with his wife amber heard, reworked stuffed in her honor tattoo at the base of the fingers of the right hand. The original version, Slim has been her homemade nickname – johnny’s wife is called “skinny”. Now the tattoo looks like Scum, which translates as “rubbish”. And it shows that johnny really mad at amber, but that he also has not learned any lessons from past mistakes. On the biceps Depp for many years emblazoned the inscription is illiterate Wino forever – all that is left from the recognition of eternal love to Winona Ryder. Creative johnny erased only the last syllable of the name of the former bride, believing that the wine he just will not stop ever, even if from the point of view of the English language it is spelled wrong. Yes, and Winona must have been so hurt as now amber.

      Halle berry also had the opportunity to see that love is fleeting, and the ink on the body is eternal. Once the owner of “Oscar” made relevant at that moment her husband David Justice of erotic compliment, having got his name on the buttocks. After a divorce, the actress came to the tattoo parlor in order to find any picture, just to close the inscription. Probably, since then Holly has to invent amazing stories, explaining to each new man, which symbolizes the sunflower on her ass.

      Important things

      Особые приметы: что заставляет звезд Голливуда набивать странные татуировки

      When drew Barrymore married into a Jewish family and began thinking about the adoption of Judaism, it began to get rid of invalid in this religion tattoos. And start with the first and my least favorite – the bouquet of flowers on the left side of the abdomen. “I was fourteen years old,” recalled drew. – Master was persuaded to fill the flowers in my age, he thought. I didn’t like, but I too wanted to have a tattoo and didn’t argue. In the end, for many years wore a picture that didn’t give anything either mind or heart.” Similar can be said about the tattoo, crowded on the occasion of the separation from her husband: drew immortalized on the wrist of the names of daughters olive and Frankie.

      Особые приметы: что заставляет звезд Голливуда набивать странные татуировки

      The year before Miley Cyrus there was a tradition to place themselves on the portraits of deceased Pets. On her left side appeared dog Floyd. The singer took loss that some of her friends in token of sympathy made a similar tattoo in memory of Floyd. Last summer, Miley added to the sad collection of stuffed his hand on the face of the fish-bowl and named Pablo.

      “I hate to say good-bye forever,” explained the star. Devotion to the singer’s fellow creatures worthy of respect, but at this rate, in ten years Miley will remind a mobile Zoological encyclopedia.

      The makeup of the stars of “Twilight” Kristen Stewart in the film “Sils Maria” included numerous fake tattoos. One is so fond of her that after the shooting she made one for myself, but for real.

      “This fragment of Pablo Picasso’s painting “Guernica,” explained Kristen. I saw the original in Madrid at 18 years old, and he kicked out of me. For the first time in my life I experienced such powerful feelings from the painting. Now wear some of the magic on his body as a reminder not to give up.”

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