Муж Ксении Бородиной пройдет проверку на детекторе лжи Kurban Omarov will prove a favorite that no change was not. Informed detractors were trying to convince Xenia Borodin in the fact that her husband is not faithful to her. Now the TV presenter and her partner are trying to improve relations.

      Two months fans of the leading “House-2” have discussed her disorder with her husband. Borodin was struck by a Frank statement of what he had learned about her husband’s infidelity. But businessman Kurban Omarov managed to prove to his wife that he was “clean”.

      “He loves Xenia. This couple was always trying to embroil envious. Kurban sure that he slandered someone psevdodruzey says “StarHit” Bulat, buddy Omarova. – When there was discord, She didn’t even want to listen to the explanations of her husband, and he gave her time to cool down. I saw he was very worried about my girls when they went to rest in Turkey, and there began the fighting. As soon as She arrived, he called and said, “I love you. And to prove his loyalty. I may even have to take the lie detector”.

      Contrary to the conjectures of subscribers the couple has not filed a petition for divorce. Recently Borodin and lobster met and talked. They decided to try to establish normal communication.

      “Now they are even more careful attitude to each other,” says Bulat. – We started to communicate every day. Mary and Omar play together recently both have been in the beach volleyball, where Eid came together with Xenia.

      It should be noted that rumors of infidelity is not the only cause of the quarrel presenter and her husband. Xenia admitted that she didn’t like the new business spouse that he wanted to drag her into a video that tells about the backstage life of the stars where uncut presents everyday moments. Now couple this issue is not discussed – to participate in this story Borodina continues to refuse.

      However, it easily accepted the proposal to participate in this project, Nastya Samburski. Thanks to this cooperation in the Network over the months discussed possible novel actress and wife Teledema. However, he later Kurban told in detail why he sees Samburski and what kind of relationship they share. Lobster proved that the meetings in Spain, which was actively discussed by users of social networks, were purely of a business character. Nastasya Samburski justified for staying with a husband Borodina

      At the end of last week Ksenia and media hinted that their relationship began to improve. The couple spent the time together, what happy said the lobster in his microblog. The businessman posted a picture of a young daughter, Thea, to monitor the communication daughter Borodina Marusya and his son Omar.

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