Dmitry Pevtsov has represented his adopted daughter

Дмитрий Певцов представил свою приемную дочь
The actor spoke about how he had another child.

Дмитрий Певцов представил свою приемную дочь

Dmitry Pevtsov and his wife Olga Drozdova, son Elisha, “adopted daughter” Allen and mother

Photo: the frame of the program “to visit In the morning”

Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova decided on an unexpected confession. In the program “on a visit in the morning,” acting couple said that their family has a “foster daughter”, which was officially presented to the viewers. As it turned out, the Singers adopted into the family of one of the students at the school “Picolyte”. She is very close with the couple, although the couple didn’t file the paperwork for guardianship. On securities Dmitry and Olga are not her parents, but I feel for her parenting responsibility. It is often in the house of actors, and gives them vacation.

“Alain is our foster daughter. She is very nice girl. Really? Have her own family, mom, so no documents, we are not officially issued until…” — said Dmitry. “Adopted” artists Alain five years ago, when I called the first course in “Picolyte”. The film, incidentally, was present and 10-year-old son a pair Elisha. Alena calls him his “brother”. “I’m a very happy man! I have such wonderful parents, brother, another ‘ buela. I was very lucky in my life!” says “foster daughter” of artists.

This fall, young Elisha, by the way, first appeared on the big stage. It happened in Tbilisi, the home of the grandparents on the father. The boy presented Dmitry Pevtsov. The young musician played the piano work of the composer Alexander Goedicke. It is possible that the Elijah in the future will try yourself in the role of the artist.