Anfisa Chekhova announced the wedding

Анфиса Чехова объявила о свадьбе
The presenter showed a luxurious engagement ring.

Photo: @achekhova Instagram Anfisa Chekhova

Anfisa Chekhov in his microblog announced the imminent wedding. TV presenter has published a photo, which showed the engagement ring, and in comments wrote: “you Can congratulate me!” Anfisa a has congratulated and wished a long and happy family life. “Hurrah! Want to know the name of the winner!” — write intrigued fans Anfisa.

However, the words Chekhova should not be taken seriously, because today the 1st of April. Most likely, the star, taking advantage of the “fool’s Day”, played by users of social networks.

Previously Anfisa was married to Guram Bablishvili. The couple broke up but continued to support the dialogue for the son of Solomon. The boy lives with the dad, then with mom. Most recently, Chekhov returned from a four-month trip with his son to Sochi. There the presenter worked on the shooting of the “Balanced people”. At the airport Anfisa and Solomon met Guram. Recall that the reason for the divorce couples have different views on life. “We had passion, and we began to look in different directions!” — said Anfisa. Guram from one of the interviews admitted that “walked” from his wife, but the wife would turn a blind eye. “For me, cheating is an ambiguous thing — admitted Chekhov. — If the husband pays little attention to you, and physically including, says some right words, not admires, not giving material support, you’ll find that there’s a woman who gets from it all, then I wonder why you are still together. When he gives it to you, but where we drank and had been on a spree, my opinion is that’s absolute nonsense!”