Maxim Fadeev opened the ugly truth about Yuri Nikolaev

Максим Фадеев открыл некрасивую правду о Юрии Николаеве
The producer told about the first meeting with the presenter.

Maxim Fadeev

Photo: @Instagram fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev

Maxim Fadeev gave an interview in which he remembered how have come from Kurgan to conquer Moscow. Now he owns his own label and modest “army” players are artists, and then he was a young musician in search of fame. Writing to tape his first single “Dance on broken glass”, he set a goal in whatever was to transfer this entry to Yuri Nikolaev. At that time he was host of “Morning mail”. Become a member of this program dreamed of every young artist.

After overcoming many trials, he still got to Ostankino, where he met Nikolaev. He went to the master and… received a rude refusal. “I said, “Excuse me, hi, I’m from Kurgan, I’d like to give you the tape.” And he looked at me and said, “Come on ***”. At this moment I destroyed everything. And he sailed like a ship,” said Maxime to the release of the video blog “Transformers”. Of course, Nikolaev was only the leading and casting were done by other people, but the rudeness of TV stars unpleasantly surprised Maxim.

Fadeev does not hold in Nikolaev resentment for the case. But, interestingly, this story has greatly influenced then, as now, the producer communicates with an as-yet unknown artists. According to him, he listens to absolutely all the material sent him from all over the country. He is convinced that the only way to find really talented artists. It is curious that the first conversation with potential clients is very important for Fadeev. He concludes: will it work with this particular artist or not? “When an artist starts talking about money and percentages and already shares the potential profit, although not even begin to earn. Let’s go if we’re in the same boat? No”, — stated its position Fadeev.