Дмитрий Маликов впервые показал лицо сына
Singer made the five-month Mark in the clip.

Dmitry Malikov with his son mark

Photo: scene of the video “the Last romantic”

Dmitry Malikov finally no longer hides his face from fans. Becoming a father earlier in the year, Malik chose not to show the public the Brand. Now the baby has grown up so much: he has just turned five months. Dmitri decided that the son is ready to get acquainted with the army of fans of his dad.

Moreover, Malikov not just revealed the son to the fans, but also gave him a role in a new music video for the song “the Last romantic”. This is where the singer first showed, looks like the long-awaited heir. The video for the song, which was shot in the capital, ends with idyllic shots: the singer picks up a five-month Mark and gently embraces him.

Yet the worries about the little Marche lies on the shoulders of the wife of Dmitry — Elena. Singer believes that the wife’s doing fine and needs no help. “Most of the time he sleeps and wakes up just to eat. Sleeps normally, but a light sleeper — wakes up at every noise. My son has a good appetite — he prefers the Finnish baby food” — said recently the singer.

When mark is a little older Malikov intends to reduce the number of touring performances, to spend more time with his son. Now it feels quite freely in this regard. For example, when my son was two months Dmitry had gone with friends to Greece in order to unwind a little bit.