Маленькие модницы! Как выглядят подросшие внучки Владимира Машкова?
Alexander and Stephanie are ready to conquer the film industry.

Elena Shevchenko granddaughters, Alexandra and Stephanie

Photo: Facebook Elena Shevchenko

It so happened that for most of the year Maria (daughter of Vladimir Mashkova from his marriage with Elena Shevchenko) lives with her husband and children in America. From time to time, the actress arrives for work in Russia, and then comes back up again. Now Mary is just behind a cordon, but her daughter Stefania and Alexander came to the Russian grandma’s house.

Elena Shevchenko published in his personal blog, the first joint shots with her granddaughter. The actress said that both girls speak fluent Russian. And she said that a seven year old Stephanie and six-year-old Alexander, apparently, will continue the family business and will become the artists.

“Two of the actress with her wardrobe. Russian, English, French temporary difficulties. Stick to the outfits she came up with. Another self-made mattress for a Mat to somersault, without limitation, everywhere. Many, many victories. From three to five hours engaged in the Russian all received a 5+. I can only imagine what the height will be taken, when the girls will overcome jet lag” — says Shevchenko.

It is worth noting that Maria supports with dad warm relationship. Granddaughters a meeting with Vladimir, most likely, have already planned. He recently said that he feels some difficulty in communicating with young children. “Loving children and grandchildren — this is normal and natural. But what about the care… to Educate children I do not know and are not going just that to stick, to indicate, to ask, “how have you eaten?”… It’s a little vulgar. Well, we ate and ate, and God be with you, I don’t want to eat, don’t. Fell, hit your head, get up and go on. I’m weird in that sense, afraid of small children, and they are afraid of me,” said Vladimir 7days.ru.