Дмитрию Хворостовскому назначили новый курс химиотерапии

Because of doctors ‘ orders Opera singer canceled his performance at the Vienna Opera.

This news is like thunder from a clear sky. After all, last fall, when Dmitri Hvorostovsky returned to work after treatment at the London Oncology clinic the Royal Marsden”, everyone wanted to believe that the disease is defeated. Especially Dmitry with a seemingly easy said in an interview about what he felt when he heard the diagnosis of “brain cancer” as it was supported by beloved wife Florence and children and how he was happy to get back to work… But it turned out not just.

Recently, the reporter as an “Antenna” met Dmitriy in Sochi. All questions about the disease was strictly prohibited, they say, singer and so much has been said about it. However, Hvorostovsky in conversation he frankly admitted that the closest his goal is to get better. In the air hung a dumb question: but aren’t recovered?

“Their children, I am learning the feeling of joy, happiness in every minute, despite the fact that to me it is a little harder to sense and feel in this period of life. But it helps me to pull myself out of the swamp” – frankly confessed the singer.

And now, after a couple of weeks Dmitri Hvorostovsky on his page in “Facebook” reports: he prescribed a new course of chemotherapy.

“Dear friends, reluctantly forced to cancel his participation in “Simone Boccanegra” at the Vienna state Opera because of doctors ‘ orders, according to which I pass one more course of chemotherapy. I’m optimistic and looking forward to the upcoming concerts in Germany and abroad. I want to thank you for the good wishes, light, vibration and love.

Hopefully, after this course, Joe will delight fans of good news and will return to work.