How to repeat the makeup show Chapurin Haute Couture 2016

Как повторить макияж с показа Chapurin Haute Couture 2016

To create a collection in the spirit of the Renaissance Igor Chapurin was inspired by the story of the legendary Medici family, whose members deciding the fate of Europe and supported the titans of the Renaissance. And the Clarins make-up artists, inspired by the era, created the perfect makeup for your daily life.

The designer refers to the heraldic family colors – terracotta, red and gold, natural fabrics, and Royal furs.

“Heroine couture collection “Medici” as if descended from the paintings of Botticelli, her look is very picturesque. Quote from the past sounds rose gold is the main shade of makeup. He stressed the eyelids, eyebrows, high cheekbones and plump lips of models, tints and playing alternately accentuating one or the other component. In the center of the face more read the gold on the temples and cheeks pink. This noble color wore at all times, and in our days it has not lost its relevance. As one of the leading shades in the set for a festive makeup Clarins, developed in conjunction with Chapurin, he again sets the tone and inspires the creation of luxury image in the spirit of the age of the Medici.

Glowing skin

A mixture moisturizing BB cream Skin Illusion and base, giving the skin radiance Eclat Minute in the shade 03 peach.

Resistant concealer Instant Concealer and gentle touch of mattifying compact powder Ever Matte.

Soft correction of the cheekbones bronzer powder Bronzing Duo.

Open view

Shadow set for holiday makeup Palette de Maquillage.

3-dot liner on the upper eyelid and expressive top and bottom lashes with mascara volumizing lash Mascara Volume Supra.

The shadows go on eyebrow, forehead and temples.

Tender lips

A soft glow lipstick-Joli Rouge Brilliant gloss 29, rose tea.

Golden accent in the center.