Лариса Гузеева заедает стресс черной икрой

Leading “let’s get married!” said that eating when it is bad.

Sumptuous breakfasts Rudkovskaya Yes Sobchak have all been accustomed to. And porcelain, and dishes of precious metals, and even a table set in the middle of the ocean – all this may seem self-evident. But Larisa Guzeeva before it sinned. And indeed in social networks appears quite rarely. But recently made an exception. And took put the sandwiches with caviar.

But, as it turned out, such an unusual lunch, the star, carefully watching their diet decided for a reason. The sandwiches turned out to help her “stress-eating”.

“All my childhood my mom because I was “spawn”. I got in late, got in a fight somewhere! And when I hate him a daughter, I just buy it, and all”, – has signed a snapshot of the presenter.

Recall that Larisa is growing up 16-year-old daughter Olga. As noted by fans, the girl – an exact copy of mom in her youth.

And the relationship they have is beautiful. The successor often accompanies the mother at various events. And in public they behave like best friends… in a word, unlike the star mother, the daughter will hardly have to stress-eating a delicacy. But who knows… Caviar is not only due to stress you can eat, but for fun!