Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy celebrate the anniversary

Дмитрий и Полина Дибровы отмечают юбилей
The couple met 10 years ago.

Polina and Dmitry Dibrovy

Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy celebrate 10 years of Dating.
Despite the long intervening years, relations between spouses remain warm and tender.

“Exactly 10 years ago, I met with Dima — says
Pauline. Cold February evening. Winning the beauty contest. Bright lights
Moscow. The lesson of “holding” sticks for sushi. The Song “My Way””.

We Will Remind, Dmitry
Dibrov in 2009 and officially divorced 23-year-old Alexandra Shevchenko
(they lived together for only nine months). As it turned out, he experienced not
one, but in the company of charming students of MGIMO Polina Nagradova. Girl
moved to a country house in Barvikha Dmitry, hardly for Alexandra closed
the door.

“Three years ago, she came from Rostov-on-don to Moscow
my first beauty contest, told about the acquaintance with Pauline Dmitry. — I
he was a member of the jury. There were a lot of beauties, but when I saw Pauline, I was
clear: it’s the most beautiful girl in the world. Really I liked it and… that’s
in fact, all the result is known to all. First, I invited her and everyone who
was related to the competition, sit in the restaurant to celebrate the triumph of Pauline,
the first place winner. Of course, we exchange phone numbers then
— pay attention — she’s the first sends me text messages: “Thanks for the evening”.
Of course, I say, “Please.” Text messages for asamushi… Then begin
quietly to call, to talk. I hear that the girl is ready to continue
communication, and soon, to his surprise, finds himself flying to Rostov.
We meet. Show her our home town at its best. Open
the amazing beauty of the spirit that in Rostov scattered everywhere. There
intellectuals, musicians, poets, amazing historical places,
maybe not visible to the naked eye, but I know them. It is, of course, no.
However, I see that Polina wants to find out, she was interested… Then she arrives
to Moscow for the shooting. Naturally, I introduced her to my friends and those
whom she had seen a child on TV. And they are all well-read people,
erudite, spiritually rich. In addition, we go to the most interesting
concerts of English and American musicians who, unfortunately, to Rostov
don’t get it. And during all this time, mind you, between me and Pauline nothing
intimate is not happening, and before going to the registry office together, we don’t live with her, I
it is enough that the girl likes everything I show her and tell. Well
what else can I say? Quietly she discovers the world, and I quietly
get the person you love most in the world. Then we go to the Registrar. And then
to the hospital”.