Пикантный снимок Елены Ваенги в нижнем белье взорвал Интернет
The singer was wearing only a combination and fishnet stockings.

Elena Vaenga

Photo: Instagram

Elena Vaenga amazed fans
posting a photo where she poses in a red combination, shoes on a
the studs in the tone that gave her loving husband, and fishnet stockings. The
produced among fans of the bombshell. “Wow! Wow! Moulin Rouge…
You are so beautiful and graceful! Fire!” — they wrote. I wonder what a spicy gift
the star has done for fans in his birthday “40 years… signed
photo Elena. I can’t believe”.

But more recently, the singer
upset about their figures and wanted to weigh as much as
youth. It seems that the star thrust the nature of which has become a byword on
the way to your goal. A month ago, Elena said
intends to go on a diet and exercise. “In twenty years I weighed 60 kilograms (height
stars 177 cm
— ed.). — said Elena. — Sports and nutrition — that’s what helps.
Turboslim and other drinking-chewing nonsense — divorced stupid women. Try to
for the last time. Although, of course, I realize that twenty years not forty. But hope
there! And examples before the eyes of the heap”.

It should be noted that fans and
the star friends never doubted that Elena will succeed. Four years
ago Elena managed just 4 months to lose 15 pounds.
Then, the singer has achieved this effect, not just in regards to eating and
doing sports but also concluding
a bet on a large amount of money that will be able to lose weight.