The star of the show “the Beautiful life” told of her pregnancy

Звезда сериала «Красивая жизнь» рассказала о своей беременности
The actress lyubavy Grechnevoy appeared aristocratic habits.

Lubava Greshnova

Photo: Personal archive of the actress

Actress Lubava Greshnova, known for his roles in
television “Glory”, “Beautiful life,” “Give my love” and others, in detail
told about that, how is her pregnancy. So, the actress admitted that
it was “uncharacteristic of her earlier aristocratic habits”: “”if the fruit something
pineapple or mango. If the protein is red or black caviar. Herself laugh at themselves,
understand that this is not typical for me, but can’t help it, I want
unusual and expensive dishes,” says Lubava Greshnova.

A few years ago, the actress refused from meat,
fish and dairy products. She is a vegan. And even pregnancy is not much
changed her diet: “No, eating meat I did not want. But his smell sometimes
liked. I remember once I cooked my husband (actor Michael Wheat) chicken
the broth, I became so enticing that aroma, I decided, and what I wanted
to try it, — says the actress. — About an hour I walked and thought —
how to be? Took a SIP, but the taste did not impress me, in contrast
smell. And in the beginning of pregnancy, when sharply increased sense of smell, I every morning
in grimwagen on the set smelled the sausage, which there have always been (laughs).
It seemed to me that she smells better than any expensive perfume. But to try
I do not want”.

But most importantly, that all these preferences were varied
with lightning fast speed. On the way to the store for the desired mango, the actress suddenly
understand that fruit she does not want, and want, for example, bread. In many ways
so her husband, actor Michael Wheat at night to the stores she sent