Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy boasted a new plot of land

Дмитрий и Полина Дибровы похвастались новым приусадебным участком The Villa spouses had a lot of interesting design solutions. The master breathed new life in the country house Polina and Dmitry Dibrova. Wife of the TV presenter was delighted with the project, noting that he feels himself not in the suburbs, and in the garden of Eden.
Дмитрий и Полина Дибровы похвастались новым приусадебным участком

The showman and the father of many children Dibrov, his charming wife Pauline and their three sons Sasha, Fyodor and Ilya live in a country house, which bears the name of the hostess – Villa “Pauline”. The couple decided to upgrade the fly to the infield and asked for help to the creators of the program “a Perfect repair” of the First channel. Putting the task before the program presenter Natasha Barbier, Dmitry Dibrov has focused on the need to equip the terrace, where the family loves to entertain, and refresh the lawn and make the new lighting in the garden.

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The garden and house have their own distinct and already well-established style. The task of the authors to keep it, competently and creatively to beat, to transform and to make more comfortable. The author of the project decided to breathe new life into the area, to arrange for the owners practical and comfortable relaxation areas and children playgrounds, which will allow the kids a fun frolic.

Work on the site of the masters began with the installation of the new lighting system was replaced with 400 meters of cables. Designer selected lighting fixtures that are embedded into the ground. Lawn it was decided to lay a roll. The front of the house specialists decorated the pots with Lobelia and strawberries.

In the existing dry fountain, which the authors of the project found it boring, decided to create an unusual floating garden by putting water in pots with ass petunias and water hyacinth.