Alain Vodonaeva spoke about the scandal at the customs

Алена Водонаева высказалась о скандале на таможне The TV presenter was arrested while on a layover at the airport. Alena Vodonaeva was shooting abroad when it became a party to the trouble. Reportedly, the star and singer Alex Malinovsky confiscated 30 thousand dollars.

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva became a party to the unfortunate incident at the airport of Minsk. Through the city star was EN route to Kiev to take part in the filming of the music video by Alex Malinovsky on his new song “Come with me”.

Alena and Alex hoped that it will be in the Ukrainian capital on Friday afternoon. However, they had to make adjustments to their plans. A couple was detained at the Belarusian border.

“Do not say Ho until they are hatched. With the hashtag #Minskwarsaw I was very excited … Kapets story. Seven hours at the airport of Minsk. When all this is over is not clear. Later will tell all. But honestly, with the first encounter,” wrote Alena Vodonaeva in a microblog at a time when there was still proceeding.

As it turned out, the company at customs messed up the corridors, and went red, as expected those who are smuggling across the border a large sum of money, and green.

Vodonaevu and Malinowski was detained and confiscated 30 thousand dollars, which were intended to pay for the filming of the video. During the proceedings, the pair tried to explain what was wrong hallways, but it did not change the essence of the claims against him. In the end, Alena Vodonaeva and Alex Malinowski spent at the airport of the capital of Belarus as much as eleven hours. “11 hours at the airport of Minsk. Soon would already be in the city where we had to be at the dinner,” – said Alyona Vodonaeva subscribers, promising later to explain all the details of the conflict that erupted on the border.

Tired and exhausted artists only late at night unable to fly to Kiev, pre-written explanations. Tuesday in Minsk will host the court, which will decide the fate of the confiscated Malinovsky money.

By the way, not so long ago in the trouble at the airport got another telediva. Victoria Bonia in February of this year was detained by customs officers at the airport in Los Angeles on suspicion of espionage. The star took to the area of additional inspection. Airport workers were scanning things Victoria Boni. The frightened celebrities barely managed to make excuses. Victoria Bonia was detained at the airport of Los Angeles

She showed accounts in social networks showed pictures and video with her participation, to the customs officials made sure what she does actually.