Alla Dovlatov severely punished for the mistake

Аллу Довлатову жестоко накажут за ошибку
The radio host commented on his arrest.

Alla Dovlatov

Photo: @Instagram alla_dovlatova Alla Dovlatova

Alla Dovlatov spent Friday night in… the police station! It so happened that radio host, probably, unknowingly, violated the rules of the road and is now forced to pay for their mistakes.

“Standing, standing… Suddenly goes motorcade with flashing lights and from tube trailer desperate, so I latched on to them. Food and rejoice! And suddenly I DAC-carp! Stops the traffic police inspector, and to him car pulls up and out with the evil uncle (FSO) yells, so I was brutally punished and he was told definitely.

It turns out I latched on to the Swedish King… my God! And why he gave me! He’s a hundred years old! Here I sit for three hours that make me think, am I a proletarian? Never thought of that. And it turns out that I am now a real proletarian, once I suffered from a monarchy!” — shared Dovlatov.

By the way, among the celebrities are often found the worst violators of traffic rules. The most striking of them is Valery Nikolaev, who last year in court took away the rights on the machine.