Dmitriy Nagiev got a new tattoo

Дмитрий Нагиев сделал новую татуировку
The actor has intrigued fans.

Photo: Instagram

On the body of Dmitry Nagiyev crammed a few tattoos: cross, lettering, symbols. He never talks about the importance of his drawings — it’s personal. Fans can only guess. For example, many believe that words of love in Latin is “Te amo mecum es” — dedicated to the ex-wife of Dmitry Alice cher. He never commented on it, just the people linked the time of appearance of the tattoo and his curriculum vitae.

Like many people, Nagiyev cannot stop. It is believed that the more a person has tattoos, the more he will do.

Recently Dmitry has made a new drawing on the right forearm, which was announced to fans via Instagram. However, he showed what had gotten him his permanent master. Was just kidding around, signing photos from the tattoo parlor: “Grandpa tattoo balcony”, to paraphrase the name of the famous detective novel by Stieg Larsson and the eponymous movie by David Fincher.

Some fans felt that the actor didn’t just write this sentence and that his new tattoo is a dragon. The rest of the “hook” for the word “grandpa.”

“Dmitry, is it true that you became a grandfather?” they asked.

The public is still unknown whether Nagiyev grandchildren. At least his son — 28-year-old actor Kirill Nagiev, not like happy father’s. He travels extensively and is not yet thinking about starting a family.