Nadia Pen spoke about the difficulties of motherhood

Надя Ручка рассказала о трудностях материнства
The singer acquires new skills.

Nadia Handle

Photo: Instagram

Nadia Pen spoke about the new skills and
the skills that she masters the role of a caring and
loving mum. In particular, the singer has revealed that Moscow is quite difficult
to move, pushing a baby carriage.

“Travel with a stroller —
this is a special “trick”… says the star. — Interestingly, those who
set such that nearly vertical ramps at their institutions, tried
use them? At least once? This is a demonstration of extreme
irresponsibility, hatred or hidden aggression? Of course, such instances
units, but they are there! Who taught you people? Carried me… And wanted
to me, the kid was lucky with a stroller, which I and hands can move
and in any, even the most petite patisserie, we easily slip, without touching
all and all, unlike the “cruisers” crossing the expanses of streets and parks, as
they don’t fit anywhere else. Our “shells” have improved all possible
the above-described inconvenience.”

Recall, the soloist of the “Brilliant” gave birth to first child in August
this year. A week before the birth of Nadya met with the doctor and signed a contract. That will become a mother,
Nadia found out on New years eve. Despite the fact that the beloved artist Denis made the offer still
November, pregnancy for Nadia was a complete surprise.