Victoria Beckham gave a very risky Board part of maintaining a slim figure

Виктория Бекхэм дала очень рискованный совет по части поддержания стройной фигуры
The player’s wife said, with a “potion” she starts the day.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham shared with
his fans information about how she manages to remain impeccably
slim, but look younger than his 43 years. “The most important thing — every morning
drink 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach!” — says Victoria. However, doctors have considered such a recommendation is more than just risky.

Of course, the idea about the beneficial properties of Apple cider vinegar appeared
not yesterday. Back in the 1990s was extremely
popular system of Dr. Jarvis, who claimed that Apple cider vinegar and honey is able
to cure all diseases. But the author of this concept proposed to dilute the vinegar in
a glass of water and take after meals. But if you drink it not divorced, Yes
still on an empty stomach, it cherevato, at least, stomach ulcers. If to consider that
the fact that the microblog of Victoria for more than 17 million subscribers, and if at least
some of them would follow her advice, the troubles can not be avoided…

At the same time, Victoria is considered
propaganda of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. She runs every morning
less than three miles. Victoria herself basically do not have any confectionery
products. And their children feeding on Breakfast milled sprouted grain with
almond milk. However, after school, 15-year-old Romeo, 12-year-old Cruz and 6-year-old
Harper only get “useful” food. As reported by Mrs. Beckham, it is usually
treats them when they come home,
a bowl mix pumpkin seeds and pine nuts, sprinkle
dietary analogue of soy sauce.