Discussing the secret wedding of Alexander Kokorin

В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу Александра Кокорина According to some reports, the footballer got married. Sources from the entourage of Alexander Kokorin and his lady Darya Valitova told reporters that they decided to get married. Young people themselves have not yet commented on the data release.
В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу Александра Кокорина

Journalists report that Alexander Kokorin, who prefers to hide his personal life from public attention, married. According to a source from the entourage of the midfielder, he secretly signed with his chosen Darya Valitova. According to the insider, the ceremony took place in the narrow family circle, and was attended by only relatives and friends of young people.

Media discuss the birth of the firstborn Kokorin

The lovers were not informed about the date of marriage and the celebration that they are expected to have arranged or plan to arrange for family and friends. Due to the fact that Daria and Alexander have not yet commented on the information publicised on the Internet, fans of sports stars we can only guess about the joyous events in his life.

В Сети обсуждают тайную свадьбу Александра Кокорина

Apparently, the relationship of young people really so serious that they decided to get married. It is known that Daria and Alexander meet for several years. Moreover, according to some, the fourth of June the player first became a father. Last week in several communities devoted to the player of “Zenith” began to be published, which contained information about the new addition to the family Kokorin. It was argued that sports stars born charming boy.

“The weekend is the time we talked to the family and friends. So today, we with great joy and wholeheartedly congratulate Alexander and Dasha on the birth of your son and we wish you love, good health and great happiness to you and your little miracle”, – was said in the post charity founded by the families of the players of “Zenit”.

Among those who congratulated Kokorin with the advent of the firstborn, was also a businessman Kirill Maslov. He posted a touching picture of the athlete and his lady in one of the social networks, and in captions to photographs left the warm wishes of love. In the comments to the post Maslova many turned to the couple and happy addition to their family. However, neither Daria nor Alexander the happy news commented and chose to refrain from making any official statements about it.

Later journalists managed to contact the father Kokorin, but he was a man of few words. Kirill Loginov has not denied but also not confirmed the information that he had a grandson. With regard to the alleged completion of the family of the player of “Zenith”, the man said Life.ru it does not comment on these data.