The heiress Barca squandered in a night club one night for a movie role

Наследница Бараца прогуляла в ночном клубе первый гонорар за роль в кино The daughter of actor played him in a movie. For shooting in the film “what men talk About. A sequel to” 22-year-old Lisa earned 25 thousand rubles, which she quickly said goodbye, arranging a party for friends.
Наследница Бараца прогуляла в ночном клубе первый гонорар за роль в кино

Fans of the theater “Quartet And” rejoice – started the shooting of the film “what men talk About. The sequel”. The film debuted daughter of Leonid Baraza – 22-year-old Lisa.

“Before that I was only in the orange juice commercialwhen I was five, told Lisa “StarHit”. After high school he entered GITIS at the faculty of variety, threw. In November 2015, she married Ben, he is an Israeli, and moved to live in London. Studying at the University of London majoring in “Actress,” “the Theory of the theatre”.

Always wanted to work with dad, but never asked to take me to a movie. And then in the script was the scene in which the daughter asks the father for permission to get a tattoo. Dad called: “Come, you a role.” We just had a similar situation when I was fourteen, I wanted a tattoo and he’s not allowed. But I didn’t listen and stuffed at the foot of the icon of Yin and Yang. My character is more flexible – did not contradict.

According to the scenario father is trying to give an example from life, and I say: “You this story a hundred times told.”

The Pope advised: “Look at me with a challenge, a riot!”

Shot of the day – and it’s only two scenes about a minute long each! At the end of the day, I was given 25 thousand rubles – I freaked out so much. And immediately to celebrate, they spent noted with friends first job in the movie, gollnow in a nightclub”.