Media report about the cremation of the body of Ilona Novoselova

СМИ сообщают о кремации тела Илоны Новоселовой According to journalists, parting with the witch took place today. As noted by some publications, Ilona Novoselova wanted after her death, she was committed to the fire. Fans still can’t accept the death of the finalists of the project “fight of psychics”.

On the evening of 13 June, it became known that the finalist of the seventh season of the popular project “Battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova fell to his death after falling from the balcony of the sixth floor. Now the Network is being discussed that this afternoon her body was cremated. Ilona Novoselova predicted his own death

According to some information, it was wanted by the girl herself after his death. However, whether this is so is anyone’s guess – the relatives and friends trying not to comment on the tragic death Novoselova. It is reported that today at the farewell ceremony with psychic came only the closest people. They tried to keep in secret the place where Ilona was off in the last journey.

The winner of the 14th season of “Battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps, who had been a close relationship with Ilona Novoselova, only recently found the strength to Express words of sympathy.

“You were one of the strongest, and you will be sorely missed. I learned in due time, learned the most worthy of the black witch. You could be different, but always remained true…Ilonka, we are always going to love, and forget yourself you will not allow us. Let the transition will be easy, and our energies will help you in this new stage,” – wrote in the microblog medium.

Now still being discussed versions of what could be the cause of the fall Ilona from the sixth floor. She had a fight with her lover Artem * the AUD / USD. She also called my mother and asked her to come. When the mother appeared on the doorstep, the girl started talking about death. Some media reported that: before the incident drank a bottle of beer. Last love lost witch Ilona Novoselova

Ex-boyfriend Ilona Ruslan Barinov remembered that the girl had a premonition of his death. At the time of death Novoselova was 29 years old, though she predicted the death of a 30 or 31.

“Really feel sorry for her, despite the fact that after our parting we almost did not communicate, they planted each other damage, I’m really sad… When we still lived together with her, she foresaw the death. She said she was going to die in the 30-31 year, it just happened… I don’t think this was done on purpose and that she was a suicidal woman off, probably was an accident… date of death: 13.06.2017. Remember. Grieve,” expressed sympathy for the man.