В Сети обсуждают революцию на Первом канале Heated discussions around possible changes in the etheric grid of the TV company did not subside. Recently in the Internet appeared rumors that the First channel is allegedly preparing a radical revolution and are going to close several popular programs.
В Сети обсуждают революцию на Первом канале

The new television season prepared the audience a lot of surprises. It is not abated debate about change of the leader “Let them talk,” care of Alexander Oleshko on NTV, the closure of “Alone with all” and “While all the houses” as social media users began to exaggerate new information about possible radical changes on the First channel.

Yulia Menshovoj offered a new job

Recently, some informed sources stated to journalists that in September announced the closure of four programs – “Fashion sentence”, “First Studio”, “let’s get married” and “Control purchase”.

“It’s almost a revolution. The update will be in two stages: the large-scale process we are seeing now, and it will be out in early fall. Then are also new TV projects. The second phase is scheduled for February,” says the insider.

Previously Larisa Guzeeva has denied rumors about the closing of the transfer. “We will soon start to come out!” – wrote a top review for one of the publications. In a press-service of the First channel confirmed celebs and said that they did not plan to say goodbye to the most popular designs. Representatives of the TV company also advised colleagues not to indulge in wishful thinking and expressed joy at the popularity of the programs.

“We understand that news about the First fiercely generates traffic, but no, we are not closing “let’s get married”, “Fashion verdict”, “Control purchase” and “the First Studio, — said representatives of the company. — In the future — we are not blind and pole chudes, KVN, “What? Where? When?” and “Evening Urgant”. With “Who wants to be a millionaire” all too…

Feels great “Good morning”. The program “Time” still leaves at 21.00. In the “smack” not finished products. Dmitry Krylov buying tickets to the next trip. “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov collect excellent ratings. Soon you will see the updated “Tonight”. Posner, by the way, is also with us.”

At the same time, other sources claim that the ultimate fate of a number of projects of the First channel will be decided on 25 August – then there will be a meeting to discuss possible changes in the broadcast schedule. Rumors of a radical coup on Russian TV indirectly confirmed, without going into details about specific stations and projects, the journalist of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Susanna alperina.

“Yulia Menshova not go with the First channel. Just reported the closure of the program. And if you think that the surprises that are in store for us our TV for a new season, on this end, you are mistaken”, – said the woman on the page in “Facebook”.

Amid speculation about the removal of the ether series is known and loved by a wide audience of many interested in what programs and leading is expensive airtime. There are different assumptions – yesterday, for example, heavily discussed the speculation that Yulia Menshova can start work in “Tonight.” On Friday, new data about changes in the broadcasting schedule which is prepared on the First channel. It is argued that there is a draft “cultural format” with Tatyana Arno under the name “Bill”. Fans of the blonde I remember a similar transfer of its participation, broadcast on NTV, STS and “Russia 1”.

Its place in Prime time also will take the show “Kings of plywood” with Paul Priluchny and Yana Koshkina, the start of the work on which it became known in April. The press service of the First channel officially confirmed information about the launch of this program. The project represents the equivalent of the American entertainment Lip Sync Battle, will appear the stars of Russian show business – Timur Rodriguez, Alexander Revva, Nikolai Fomenko and many others.

In preparing the article used materials of RBC Life.ru and Ura.ru.