«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады готовится к свадьбе Maria Sirotino and her partner Vlad Sitdikov told his story of love in the program of the First channel dedicated to the “sun people.” They do not hide that are serious and plan in the future to create a family. Boyfriend Maria has also announced its intention to ask for her hand.
«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады готовится к свадьбе

The heroes of the new edition of “Men and women” were “sun people.” In the Studio told motivating stories of people with down syndrome who achieve great success and live a full life. Among those who decided to have a Frank conversation with leading Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon, was the daughter of Irina Khakamada, Maria Sirotino and her partner, athlete Vlad Sitdikov.

TV presenter Evelina Bledans also appeared in the Studio. Celebrity Seeds has a son, who was diagnosed with down syndrome. In his microblog a woman has announced the upcoming release of the program and announced that Sirotino and Sitdikov going to change marital status.

“I beg you to watch “Male and female” in 16 hours on the First channel! An important topic is the socialization and achievements of people with down syndrome. About our Olympic Champions, on the village “Svetlana” near St. Petersburg, where people live with disabilities, and which, of course, need help. The account will be placed on the screen. And also about the impending wedding of his daughter Irina Khakamada Masha Sirotino and the guy with down syndrome by Vlad Sitdikova. And thanks to the First channel, which raise such issues,” wrote Bledans on Friday morning.

In the broadcast transmission that has already seen residents of the Far East, Vlad and Maria told her story of love and shared plans for the future. Sitdikov and Sirotinskiy no secret that were serious. “It’s so fun and I love the way she laughs out loud”, told about the chosen one Vlad. In turn, Maria believes her boyfriend are very kind and helpful. “My dear man,” said she. Young people are already acquainted each other with relatives who approved of their choice.

«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады готовится к свадьбе“My parents happy because I found someone I wanted to find,” says Sitdikov.
«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады готовится к свадьбе

On the question of Alexander Gordon of when the wedding, she decided not to answer. Maria hesitated and embarrassed, giving the word to his elect. “Until soon,” – said Vlad, and turned to the master. Apparently, the athlete is really thinking about how to propose to your soul mate. Sirotino also does not exclude that may change the marital status. Maria tuned to a long life together with your loved one.

“The plans I have to make a good family to marry his beloved and be with him always together and have their children. I want to open my firm, I will also earn money to provide for his family and even husband,” Maria said.
«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады готовится к свадьбе

Vlad was supported by his girlfriend. “And, of course, that we lived in perfect harmony, right? And never quarrel,” he said. However Sitdikov and Sirotinskiy prefer not to rush things.

“Alexander, you dear man, experienced. I want you to be my friend, because you know the mother Masha,” said the athlete.
«Особенная» дочь Ирины Хакамады готовится к свадьбе

Gordon reacted positively to the request of the hero of the show, and went to meet him. Alexander gave to understand, that is good to a possible suitor of the daughter of a public figure.

“I promise you that because I know Ira, I will talk to her. Say, what impression you made on me, how happy with you Mary. I think that’s going to pan out,” said the presenter.

The hall reacted to the remark of Alexander Gordon of applause, and Vlad sytdykov thanked him with a bow.